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Want to redecorate and don’t know where to start? Some simple tips to follow.

I recently read an article featuring interior designer Spencer Gum of Spatial Relations Design Firm.

Gum had some good tips to all of us who don’t have a degree in interior design and would like to pursue a redesign of their home or office.

The first steps are always the hardest ones, and Gum has some great tips to help us dive into the interior design process:
• You should investigate your own personal flair. Start small. Simplify your living room and de-clutter the tables. Then move on to bigger things.

• Select a focal point in the room and play around to see if you can open the room up a bit

• Swap pieces among rooms. If you like the direction the rooms seems to be taking, keep going with it.

• Once you’ve found an arrangement that works for you, rearrange the artwork.

• When you have a big room, lower the artwork so it’s more at eye level. People hang their art too high, makes it hard to appreciate.

Once you’ve edited your collections and made some minor modification to your décor, Entertain in your house. Entertaining encourages you to keep your house clean and add a little more finesse.

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