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Wassily Kandinsky: Ability to See Sounds and Hear Color

Considered the father of abstract art, the Russian born artist, Wassily Kandinsky was a man of vision. He wanted to create symbiosis between sites and sounds into what was once referred to as a painter’s symphony that would stimulate the senses, not just the eyes, but the ears as well.

The British Telegraph has written a wonderful article about Kandinsky, as a prelude to the new exhibition at the Tate Modern Art Museum – Kandinsky: Path to Abstraction. This unique exhibition will display the versatile sides of Kandinsky. How he transformed Modern Art around 1911, and in addition, achieved a new pictorial form of music.

What do you think about Kandinsky? If you happen to adore him, like I do, and are in London between now and October, stop by the Tate for a truly fantastic glimpse into the world of one of the 20th century most important artists.

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