This is the official opening day of the ArtCorner blog, so I thought that I would introduce myself.

I’m Amitai, Vice President of, I will be moderating and enriching this blog to make it into a real resource for art connoisseurs and home decorators. I have been in the Wall Decor business for over a decade now, and it still manages to surprise and delight.

There will be many contributors to this blog. From interior designers with design tips, artists that will reveal to us the world behind the oil painting, and even regular people that want to share their decor and creative ideas.

And that’s about it! I’ll be covering new and interesting development in the wall decor world. Feel free to say hello!

About the Author

Amitai Sasson of is an art world traveler on a mission to seek out the beauty and passion of the art world. As an avid enthusiast of art and oil paintings, he contributes to as Chief editor and writer.