What is it about Coffee and Creativity?

Cafe Terrace Oil PaintingCafe Terrace Oil Painting“More than Coffee was served”… that is the name of the new exhibition at the Gallery St. Etienne, celebrating “the role of the coffeehouse as both hangout and inspiration” for artists throughout history.

Either the coffee or the coffee house causes the artists of recent and of old to create and articulate great art. That correlation in itself is fascinating. Even the deranged Van Gogh, used Café Scenes as inspiration. The Earless café that he painted in his famous Café Terrace at Night painting is now a Mecca for South of France tourists.

Not so well known as a Café-patron, Gustav Klimt is a great example of a European artist that spent many hours on the café front, sipping on a latte and drawing loosely on his sketch pad “balanced between his knees.”

So, drink up a Cup of Joe and head down to the Gallery St. Etienne and celebrate the intriguing relationship between Art and caffeine.

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Amitai Sasson of is an art world traveler on a mission to seek out the beauty and passion of the art world. As an avid enthusiast of art and oil paintings, he contributes to as Chief editor and writer.