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Why Do People Buy Art Online

Have you ever wondered what factors influence online shoppers to buy art?

The people who purchase art and wall décor over the web are definitely savvy online shoppers. It takes trust and vision to purchase such a visual and touchy feely piece of art.

The people who buy art online are definitely the early adapters of this market and it is interesting to read their point of view towards shopping online. recently held a survey and asked online shoppers what influences them to buy art online… here is a short sample of the various answers…

Price and ease of seeing what I was ordering. Putting the frame on the picture and seeing them together made the difference from other sites.

  • Price and ease of seeing what I was ordering. Putting the frame on the picture and seeing them together made the difference from other sites.
  • apparent quality of product and guarantee
  • Price, quality and variety all in one place.
  • The quality and price of the art
    packaged properly–put together well if framed–fast service–good return policy
  • convenience and selection is greater
  • It looked beautiful and seemed easy to purchase.
  • Convenience, price, quality.
  • The only one I know that provides replica of famous painters.
  • Good value and selection.
  • lack of availability/selection in local stores
  • Not easy to find what I was looking for from local retailers. Also saves a lot of time.
  • the reviews
  • Accessibility and price
  • I was looking for Mediterranean scenes and you have a good selection but would like to see more.
  • Convenience in shopping, selecting, and time.
  • quality and reasonable pricing
  • The cost was reasonable. I was able to see what I was ordering by attaching the frame and selecting my wall colors. I knew I could return it if it was not what I expected.
  • larger selection, convenience, competitive price
  • Choices of frames and the quality of the pictures.
  • Price, selection, and quality
  • I could not find the print I was looking for elsewhere in a store.
  • I hate shopping and was not sure anything in my price range was available locally. Time was also a factor–I did not have time to look around at many different places.
  • A friend of mine purchased a painting from I was shocked at the quality of the painting. And she was pleased with the service. So I have purchased a painting from the company and was pleased.
  • Quality, selection, good framing, and careful delivery. Price plays a role, but not the most important one. I like to select the artwork I like first — then buy it if the price is okay. If the price is high, I may postpone the purchase.
  • You had what I was looking for and the ease of it.
    It’s easy!!!
  • Had a good selection and easy to find what I was looking for (artist wise)
  • Your site had a much better selection than others
  • The beauty and uniqueness and the fact that it came framed at such a discounted pride. You should have more framed items….
  • the selection and price I was looking for
  • Lack of time to shop in the stores, better price, easy selections (especially on your web site!)
  • ease of purchase, price point,
  • Lack of availability where I live, convenience of purchasing online, free shipping and no tax, quick delivery, quality of art and frames
  • Style and design, price.
  • not finding the quality in stores for this price
  • large selection of artwork
  • excellent price and rapid turn around time
  • Greater selection. I can shop in my pajamas!
  • Convenience and selection
  • the ease of ordering
  • Could not find good quality canvas paintings in a brick and mortar store.
  • price, quality and selection, speed of shipping and shipping costs
  • What influenced me to buy on line was the variety of art that I could see very quickly. The reason I chose your store over others is that I liked the convenience of having my art framed by you. Many other companies that replicate works of art do not frame these works of art. And so, the customer is left with another step-getting the work of art framed. As I mentioned earlier, I would just like a broader selection of artists.
  • It’s easy; you don’t have to run from store to store to only find out that they don’t have what you want. By the end of the day you’re exhausted and frustrated. Shopping online for art is easy can take your time to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to deal with all the obstacles.
  • One-stop shopping.
  • Ease of shopping and purchase
  • pictures with different frames choices
  • cost, quality of the reproduction painting, good return policy, free shipping
    available choice easy process
  • Your return policy made me feel secure.
  • matching home decor
  • Type of Art not available in the stores in my community.
  • Colors and quality of the painting being able to match with my home decorum.
  • The selection and prices.
  • The ease in which I can shop and the quality of seeing the art now helps in making shopping that much easier. Also, I can type in a specific artist and find them very quickly. I love it.
  • Quality for price, oil on canvas, quality of frames to enhance painting, and receipt without damage.
  • art offered, price, convenience, good service
  • Couldn’t find anything that I liked in a store
  • The price, free shipping.
  • Large selection
  • I saw a Van Gogh painting that in my experience has been very hard to find, and it was one of my personal favorites.
  • I need to get the art in a short notice and provided that for me.
    selection, ease of shopping
  • I live in a rural area and don’t have access to this tyoe of artwork by the time i drive 4-6 hours with the children who by the way now call these two areas of the house their favorite they certainly don’t want to spend time visiting shops when we do go out of town and aren’t old enough to be left unsupervised
  • You have copies of the best artists.
  • pictures, price ,mailing and packaging
  • I wanted to try something new online and it was effortless and the quality of the paintings are exactly the way I like them and visually on the computer really makes them look just as good.
  • I know I will never be able to own a Monet or other great artist but just to have an oil reproduction allows me to hold their art closer then a poster would be.
  • The quality and the good prices.
  • I am an art historian and I love art–not decorative but meaningful and also I love sepia photography and I wish you would expand the area of both art collections and boating and sea photography where the composition is not dominated by color or effects but the vision of the photographic artist.
  • Ease of frame selection and able to see picture in a completed state. Availability of picture size was important as well.
  • looking for something specific and good deals
  • much better selection than local shops
  • Artist, content, price.
  • ability to compare and view many different paintings easily
  • The first paint I bought was wonderful
  • The ease of the entire transaction. The ease of being able to see the art online and then make a purchase is great.
  • quality of the picture and more information of the art work with coloration
    Finding exactly what I was looking for.
  • Price and appearance
  • ease of shopping for what I am looking for
  • large varieties and choices of art works
  • easier to view than in a store
  • Quality of paintings I already know.
  • Price for the most part. Selection as well. I like looking at eBay art.
  • Painting selection, quality and price
  • Finding the picture I want.
  • trust in the site, guarantees, price
  • I know what I’m looking for and where I would like it to go. Plus, when I have the opportunity to frame it myself it makes for an exciting personal gift or present for MOI!
  • More items to choose from plus I can a frame with it that goes with my decor
    Found what I was looking for. Got excited.
  • The convenience.
  • quality, price and value
  • Good description, quality, & price.
  • availability, quality, price
  • Why not give it a try.
  • Price & assortment
  • Quality oil paintings at a fair price.
  • No tax, better selection
  • easy to do, good price, fast
  • they have better made things
  • the price and quality
  • much better selection
  • picture scene
  • Good selection and convenient to use. It takes too much time to try to shop for art. The artists/art you feature are classics so you can’t go wrong.
  • Happenstance but since it happened, I am more likely to repeat.
  • It’s easy to see what you’re getting with all of the information provided, plus the pictures.
  • Painting selections
  • quality and price
  • Variety, range of price points…
  • Quality, price, free shipping.
  • I normally would not, but I liked the print I bought from Sam’s that you direct shipped to me.
  • Huge selection
  • Convenience and choice.
  • PRICE!!!!!!!!!!

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