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The World’s Best Works of Art

Lady with Ermine - Leonardo Da VinciRecently the Telegraph critic, Martin Gayford, listed the 50 best works of art ever made and where you can find them… The list is arranged in a chronological order from the dawn of civilization to the modern/contemporary art exhibits and displays of today.

This is a truly fascinating list that could raise a few eye brows…

I was astonished to find The Da Vinci masterpiece, Lady with Ermine, in the 25th spot. Gayford commented on adding this Da Vinci painting as apposed to his more memorable works:

“The Last Supper is a wreck, the Mona Lisa is so besieged that it’s almost impossible to see – which leaves this beguiling picture as the most beautiful Leonardo in existence. It is in any case the picture that presented one of his great innovations: a sense of human personality more real, subtle and complex than had ever existed in portraiture before.”

Additional popular artists and their art on the list:

  • Vincent Van Gogh’s Chair
  • Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
  • Henri Matisse, La Danse (II)
  • Claude Monet, Waterlilies

It’s an interesting exercise to try and come up with a list of great works of art, my guess is that my list would’ve been completely different…

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