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As we adapt to life during a pandemic, many people are transitioning to working from home. This is not always easy, but we here at overstockArt want to try and help you feel more productive in this new work environment. We think that adding the right piece of art can transform any room into a better working space. Here are some of our top choices.

Leonardo da Vinci – Female Head (La Scapigliata)

Female Head (La Scapigliata) is a beautiful example of portraiture by one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci had a passion for creativity in many forms, including art and science. He was never afraid to attempt a new project and as a result, he was able to master a wide range of activities. This could be just the inspiration you need to take on something new and succeed while at home.

Gustav Klimt – The Apple Tree

Gustav Klimt’s mature style combines richly decorative surface patterning with complex symbolism in this piece, called The Apple Tree. His blending of the yellow and green in the background allows the pops of red to stand out beautifully. It will help cast a bright and joyful light on your mood as you work.

Justyna Kopania – Nostalgy

With its fractured image and rich range of tones, Nostalgy by Justyna Kopania is instantly engaging. This painting includes a full-sailed ship navigating calm waters, but the sharp lines and textures of the canvas add a dynamic element to an otherwise placid scene. This would be the perfect painting to add a more serious tone to your home workspace.

August Macke – House in a Landscape

If you love a focus on color and design in your artwork, you’ll adore this reproduction of August Macke’s House in a Landscape. He gave this ordinary scene an elevated and almost magical perspective through the use of exaggerated shapes and colors. Such a piece would be perfect hanging in the home office of someone with a job that required a lot of creativity.

Edward Hopper-Macomb’s Dam Bridge

In Macomb’s Dam Bridge, Edward Hopper reflects on the fast pace of modern society by grinding life to a halt in his image of a quiet country bridge. Defying the hustle and bustle of New York City, Hopper shows the bridge in the stillness of the morning, Embrace the beauty of isolation as you gaze at the world created in this painting during your work hours.

Henri Rousseau – A Carnival Evening

Enter a world of wonder and mystery that is created by Henri Rousseau in A Carnival Evening. At first, the combination of character in the scene appear out of place, but the artist uses the cool tones of the color palette to bring them together brilliantly. This would be the perfect work of art to give you an escape after a stressful day of office duties.

Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night

If you want your home office to have more of a classic feel, Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. It invokes deep emotions, from the serenity of the church steeple to the wild abandon use of vibrant colors in the late-night sky. It is both luxurious and timeless, providing a beautiful backdrop to any video conference.

We hope that this list has encouraged you to embrace space in your home. If none of these pieces feel like the right fit for your home or work style, we have a Look book full of home office art looks and a gallery dedicated to art for a work environment. We hope to help you find something that enhances your productivity while adding beauty to your home.

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