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How to Choose the Perfect Painting for Your Room Infograph

How to Choose the Perfect Painting for Your RoomIt’s easy to identify a painting that you’re fond of, but it’s a bit trickier to find a painting that works well in a specific room of your home. These expert tips will help you choose a painting that adds to your space and works with the existing décor.

Lively Living Areas

In the living room, something bold and eye-catching works best because this room generally has an open layout and is full of lively activity. Colors like green and purple are great choices, as they brighten up the space and add a pop of color to even the most basic furniture. Place a gallery wall of paintings above the sofa, or lean a series of same-sized paintings on a shelf or media cabinet. One long, horizontal painting on a large, blank wall also makes a beautiful focal point.

Cooking & Dining Decor

Classic still life paintings of fruits, wines, and other food items are universally flattering choices in any kitchen and dining room, but you can customize this traditional wall décor by using one uniform accent color across the board. Bright shades like yellow, red or orange work best in these social, festive places. Place paintings in a row across the tops of cabinets, or hang one large piece above a dining table or island to bring focus to the room.

Peaceful Retreats

Areas like the bedroom and bathroom should evoke a feeling of peace and relaxation, and your artwork choices should do the same. Choose paintings in soothing shades of blue or green or romantic purple to create a simple décor that still looks refined. A small gallery wall in the bathroom with alternating frame sizes works well as long as one uniform color is used throughout, or you can use a single oversized painting above the bed as a unique alternative to a traditional headboard.

Professional Paintings

If you work from home, your office’s artwork can do a lot for your professionalism and productivity. Choose something calming but inspiring, such as a realistic nature scene or a particularly recognizable, admired piece such as the Mona Lisa.

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