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The Top Ten Paintings for Mother’s Day 2017

Online gallery of handmade oil paintings has released the 2017 edition of their list of the top ten artworks for Mother’s Day. The list combines the curatorial influence of their staff along with a detailed traffic analysis to see just which pieces are trending picks for mom this year.

Scroll on down to check out the infographic showing off the list, ranked in order, as well as the timeline of each artwork’s creation. Click through to view full size.

Top Ten Art For Mothers Day 2017 Infographic

1. At the Beach, Edward Henry Potthast. This American Impressionist’s late career and most famous work centered around peaceful scenes of families at play. Whether in Central Park just outside of his New York City studio, along the shores of Long Island, or during summer vacations on the New England coast, his vivacious paintings capture the attentive care of active families.

2. Le tre eta della donna (Mother and Child), Gustav Klimt. An avant-garde artist and trendsetter in his own right, Klimt shows the nurturing love of a mother and child. With vibrant colors and bold, graphic patterning, this work positively blossoms into an eye-catching masterpiece.

3. Madame Monet & Her Son, Claude Monet. Originally painted in 1875, the gentle breeze and glowing atmosphere of this scene are expertly captured by Monet’s practiced hand. The bright setting and natural purity with which the artist rendered his wife and son make this picture a real treat.

4. Poppy Field in Argenteuil, Claude Monet. One of the world’s most beloved painters, Monet portrayed here his wife and child amidst a flowering rural field on a lovely day. The warmth of the sunshine, lush wildflowers, and natural setting make this famous painting a bright and endearing addition to any wall.

5. Dancers, Edgar Degas. Born in Paris in 1834, Degas studied art from a young age. His most popular paintings were and still are his ballerina paintings like The Dance Class, Star Dancer (On Stage), and this piece from 1878. His painting career was prematurely ended by failing eyesight, but his imagery is timeless.

6. The Monet Family in the Garden, Édouard Manet. Claude Monet joins his wife and child, both seen in the previous painting, for a leisurely depiction by his friend and fellow Impressionist Manet. Interestingly, Auguste Renoir was there as well in the Monet’s garden in Argenteuil and painted a similar composition to this one which now hangs at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. The lounging family, enveloped by nature’s beauty, lends this painting a comfortable and loving atmosphere.

7. Mother and Child, Frederic Leighton. This artist saw great success in creating stunning images with classical and biblical themes, with a remarkably realistic style. Many scenes are rich in both detail and extravagance but he’s careful not to sacrifice the intimate personal nature of his human subjects. This fleeting moment shared between a mother and her child is just the kind of simple pleasure that can’t be matched.

8. Mother and Daughter, Egon Schiele. 1913 gave birth to this image, one of graphic master Egon Schiele’s most touching and intimate works. Mother and Daughter depicts exactly what the title suggests, portrayed with an assured and careful hand. Schiele himself was close to his mother even late into his life and no doubt had a deeply personal appreciation of motherly affection. An emotive, heartwarming work perfect for any mother, daughter, or lover of fine art.

9. Woman with a Parasol and a Small Child on a Sunlit Hillside, Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In the 1870’s Renoir’s Impressionist technique reached its peak, with glorious accomplishment. His fully defined technique rendered facial expressions and movements masterfully. Renoir often used his friends and acquaintances such as fellow artists and writers. He spent weeks and sometimes months perfecting his paintings.

10. Still Life with Japanese Woodcut, Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Later in life, Gauguin moved to Tahiti and lived in poverty with the local people there, creating dozens of his most famous paintings. His work at that time reflected his love for the people of Tahiti and the vibrant culture there, full of the bright colors of the island scenery and observations of the people. These pieces have bolder lines and a more energetic feel, and he is most well known for this time in his life.

By analyzing the interests and patterns of millions of visitors, has learned just which magnificent artworks shoppers are looking to pick up for mom this year.

“We love sharing our unique insights with the art world.” said David Sasson, CEO of, “The relationship between a mother and her child has been the subject of some of the greatest artists in history. We love sharing with the world our passion for art. This is but one part of our duty to the art world which we love being a part of.”

To shop their full selection of curated picks, head on over to their Mother’s Day gallery.

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