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Art Travel Guide: Don’t Leave Vienna without the Kiss

Vienna is a place of many wonders. It makes us feel like waltzing between operas, strudels and streets pouring with history and culture, and then, there is Gustav Klimt’s the Kiss at the Belvedere.

Art Travel Guide: Don't Leave Vienna without the Kiss

The eyes seem to have no rest from amazement at the Belvedere palace, from the Barouque grounds to the Grotesque Halls. Photos are not allowed inside gallery rooms. And whilst it may feel like there will be something missing on the way home, it also withdraws distractions that may hinder the full enjoyment of this magnificent palace.

The Belvedere is only a tram ride away from the city center (D tram to Sudbahnhof). Once there, the luscious gardens with a view over Vienna would be just enough to make it a worthwhile visit. But knowing what the museum holds makes it a place not to miss if you are heading to Vienna. From Austrian art since the Middle Ages until the present day; to Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Munch, Kokoschka, Schielle and the largest Klimt collection in the world. This is all great to see, but one might argue that there are many great museums in Vienna, why head over to the Belvedere? The answer to that is sealed with a Kiss…

The Palaces are divided into Upper and Lower sections, so you can choose between a ticket for one, both or the entire complex, including audio guides or group tours. For 13€ you can visit the Upper Belvedere galleries and know all about the collections on display (ticket 9€; audio guide 4€). In the meantime you can expand your visit to the beautiful stables, the Orangerie, the Spitzhof and have a tea break at The Menagerie for a taste of classic Viennese snacks and sweets.

Going to Vienna and miss this place is similar to skip the Louvre in Paris. There you can see works such as “Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David”, the beautiful Garden Path at Giverny and even sculptures by Messerschmidt. However the highlight after all anticipation are the Gustav Klimt Rooms. A way to celebrate the Vienna Secession’s father and one of the artists that has turned Vienna into a leading cultural center.

The Kiss in Real Life
As thrilling as the Mona Lisa on French grounds, the Austrians proudly display the 71 inches by 71 inches masterpiece that is no less than one of the most loved paintings of all times. After passing canvases of Fritza Riedler and Judith I, we get into a dark room and there it is – The Kiss. The all-time lovers standing on a black wall under 6 spotlights that make the gold foil come to life. What a powerful sight!

The Kiss at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna

This is the image that remains long after the plane-ride back home, along with every corner on such a beautiful city.

There are a few things you should not miss when in Vienna such as the Naschmarkt, the musical parks or the Wiener Schnitzel. But if curiosity is greater than your time, and if you have to miss something else – don’t leave without The Kiss.

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