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Famous Works of Art Target of Recent Louvre Museum Bomb Threat Scare

The Louvre, the world famous art museum in Paris, received a bomb threat aimed at the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci last Sunday. The threat was delivered by email through the museum’s website and claims to target the Mona Lisa and other famous artworks. It claimed to involve 100kg of C4 explosives and is signed by The Founding Fathers of the Confederation, a reference to the separation of Canada from France. The Louvre security responded to the threat by searching the grounds and filing a complaint with the police, but no explosives were found.

The Louvre also had to deal with a bomb threat as recently as last October, when they were forced to evacuate the building. Patrons were escorted out of the art museum while sirens were blaring for their own safety. That also turned out to be a false alarm, as no actual explosives were found. The Mona Lisa has always been the target of criminals, but more often thieves than bombers. Now the Louvre is having to reconsider its safety measures surrounding the Da Vinci masterpiece.

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