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Beautiful Art, Rain or Shine

This time of year we often find ourselves inside enjoying the sound of rainy weather. Sometimes it’s a wild and raging thunderstorm, while others can be a delightful drizzle. The rain comes so that the beauty of spring can bloom. To help you bring a little bit of beauty into your home during this rainy season, we offer some of our favorite showery art pieces.

Justyna Kopania Rain II Reproduction

Justyna Kopania’s depictions of urban life are consistently popular. This one showcases the blending of surreal hues to create a rainy mirror effect. The deep blues and violets complement the orange and yellows to catch the eye in a dramatic way. It will give you something to add light to your room on a rainy day.

Adrian Borda Life Is a Dance in The Rain Instrumental Reproduction

Surrealist painter Adrian Borda connects music and romance in this serendipitous artwork, titled Life is a Dance in the Rain (Instrumental). Set against the wet urban backdrop of a city in the rain, the artist’s translation of human body language onto musical instruments is incredibly successful. They make it look so enthralling to get drenched in the rain.

Gustave Caillebotte A Paris Street, Rainy Day

A Paris Street, Rainy Day was originally painted in 1877 by  Gustave Caillebotte  and is indicative of its place in history. Caillebotte was fascinated by photography, and his interest in it shows clearly in this snapshot of a rainy day in Paris. The use of color and light, creates a energetic scene even under the gray clouds covering the city. This piece will bring a freshness to any room where it hangs.

Louis Anquetin Woman with Umbrella

Woman with Umbrella is a beautiful piece by artist Louis Anquetin that combines his unique use of dark outlines with the more classic approach to colors and shading. The bright red of the umbrella pulls the audience in, even though there is no sign of the rain. It is a great way to add a splash of color on a gloomy day.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir The Umbrellas

Bring the bustling Paris of the 1880s into your home with Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s The Umbrellas. The snapshot-like style of a moment in everyday life also makes it an especially notable work of Renoir’s. Although the colors give it the dark and gloomy feeling of a cold, winter rain, there is comfort found in the faces of those underneath the safety of the umbrellas.

Martin Johnson Heade Storm Clouds Over the Coast

There’s something incredibly moving about Storm Clouds Over the Coast, a Romantic masterpiece by the American artist Martin Johnson Heade. This prolific American painter creates a seascape that is especially powerful due to the drama of powerful natural forces on display. There’s a sense of potential danger that makes the painting even more stunning.

John William Waterhouse Miranda – The Tempest

In his painting Miranda – The Tempest, John William Waterhouse depicts the beginning of the Shakespeare play The Tempest where begins with the character Miranda witnessing a shipwreck during a bad storm. The woman appears composed, even though the weather appears brutal in the background. Capture the beauty of this moment for yourself by bringing home this wonderful piece.

These are only a few of the gorgeous paintings we offer to brighten up the gloomy day while waiting for spring to arrive. Feel free to browse through our Spring Collection for a wide variety of other choices. At we are dedicated to helping people find the perfect piece for their wall.

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