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Give the Gift of Flowers that Never Fade

As summer approaches it has become wedding season and that means finding the perfect gift for a new couple. Nothing could be more fitting and romantic than an elegant floral still life painting. It is a bouquet that will last as long as their marriage. We have gathered a list of some of our favorite pieces to help inspire you to find the perfect gift for their special day.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Discarded Roses

This is one of the most moving pieces from this artist during the later period of his career. Though categorically a still life, Discarded Roses feels as though it has movement thanks to the light and fleeting feeling created by the artist’s Impressionist techniques. Renoir’s beautiful depiction of the roses, including a luxurious display of texture and color, is something truly stunning to behold. This would make a romantic gift for any occasion.

Edouard Manet-Lilacs in a Vase

As one of the artists whose work bridged the gap between Realism and Impressionism, Édouard Manet continues to be a compelling figure in art history. His portraits are especially well-known, but his still life paintings are just as fascinating, as seen in Lilacs in a Vase. Though depicting a simple floral subject, Manet found a way to make it even more eye-catching than the real thing. The hazy portrayal makes the flowers seem almost heavenly and ethereal, while the simple colors contrast beautifully to bring the blooms into focus. The innocent beauty would delight any new bride.

Vincent Van Gogh-Vase with Daisies and Poppies

With the generous application of paint and broad, visible brushstrokes, it’s immediately clear that Vase with Daisies and Poppies is a Vincent Van Gogh creation. In this piece, Van Gogh used his unique painting skills to create a Post-Impressionist work with lasting influence. The simple lines on the roses create an undeniable amount of texture, while the background creates that momentary, fleeting aura found in the very best Van Gogh paintings. It is a classic piece designed to fit into any new couple’s home.

Claude Monet-Sunflowers

Claude Monet was greatly inspired by natural elements, particularly flowers, so it should be no surprise that Sunflowers is so striking in person. His Impressionist techniques create a sense of a fleeting glance rather than a hyper-realistic portrait and he sticks to realistic color palettes to create a sense of depth and dimension despite his blurred, broad brushstrokes. This piece would brighten the special day of any bride and groom.

Paul Cezanne-Dahlias

Dahlias is an excellent example of the way in which Cezanne was influenced by Impressionist techniques. This piece is striking in its simplicity at first glance, yet it also has an incredible level of detail when viewed more closely. The richer tones and warm colors would make this the perfect gift for someone who enjoys the fall season more than the summer.

Martin Johnson Heade-Magnolia Grandiflora

With his hyper-realistic works and romantic subjects, Heade’s painting Magnolia Grandiflora is an excellent example of how his incredible skill elevated simple subjects to divine status. The sheer attention to detail makes this painting come to life, so the viewer almost feels as though they can reach out and touch the velvety table covering, the silky soft petals of the flower and the waxy magnolia leaves. Anyone who appreciates attention to detail will be thrilled to receive this on their special day.

Henri Fantin-Latour-Bouquet of Diverse Flowers

Bouquet of Diverse Flowers is a standout piece in the body of work by Henri Fantin-Latour. Painted in 1881, this painting showcases the use of light and bold colors. The brilliant pops of color can add energy to any room and attract the eyes of every guest. It is created with a flair for the dramatic that isn’t often found in a still life piece. Giving this as a gift to a new couple might inspire them to re-imagine their new home together.

Pol Ledent-White Flowers

White Flowers 56 showcases Ledent’s incredible ability to create mysterious and otherworldly atmospheres within a single canvas. His depiction of a simple still life looks absolutely alien with his blue-toned treatment. Through the use of various blue hues, he creates an incredible level of detail and texture, while also contrasting that image with an abstracted background of various cool tones. This would be the perfect pairing for a couple that has sophisticated contemporary tastes.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Grande Vase Di Fiori

The level of detail and dimension Renoir created in this work were unparalleled by his peers at the time. Using Impressionist techniques, which were most commonly applied to sweeping scenes in nature, he was able to focus in on a single subject while still creating the sense of a moment captured in time. The lush florals in this painting look soft and silky enough to touch, yet there’s still a dreamy quality that makes them seem almost otherworldly. This would make a very high-end luxury gift, while still being affordable.

Vincent Van Gogh-Vase with Poppies Cornflowers Peonies and Chrysanthemums

In Vase with Poppies Cornflowers Peonies & Chrysanthemums, viewers get a peek into a slightly softer side of the artist with this simple still life scene. The artist’s signature staccato brushstrokes are slightly tamed in this work, which shows how much the original Impressionists influenced Van Gogh’s style. It’s beautiful and rich with color, with layers upon layers of beautiful floral elegance. It would be the perfect accent to a new couple’s home.

These are just a sample of all the beautiful choices we offer in our Still Life gallery. If you don’t find what you are looking for on the list, feel free to browse the varied assortment we have there. We are sure you will find just what you are looking for to be the top gift giver at the celebration.

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