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Every Family is a Work of Art

As the holidays are approaching, many of us are enjoying the time spent with our families. Not all families are the same and we here at overstockArt know that each unique family is special. Here are some beautiful art pieces that reflect the varied types of families and display them in the most wonderful ways.

At the Beach, by Edward Henry Potthast

Edward Henry Potthast-At the Beach

A famous Edward Henry Potthast painting, At the Beach is a wonderful depiction of a mother and her children enjoying a day at the beach. This is a remarkable oil painting has exceptional use of color, detail and brush strokes. The American painter was known for portraying happy, carefree moments, often depicting people on the beach or otherwise at leisure. This painting of two mothers and their children approaching the calm waters perfectly captures this motif.

Near the Lake

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Near the Lake

In Near the Lake, Pierre-Auguste Renoir combines stunning and complex views of human nature and a colorful display of romantic landscape to capture the eye of all who view it. This wonderful scene of a father and his daughter enjoying the weather together will warm your heart. In this piece his subjects are at ease, helping to emulate a calm and inviting atmosphere.

The Thankful Poor

Henry Ossawa Tanner-The Thankful Poor

One of Henry Ossawa Tanners most famous and recognized paintings is The Thankful Poor. Tanner was the first African-American painter to gain international acclaim and he lived in Paris where he was readily accepted in French artistic circles. Many of his paintings reflected rustic African American life, including this scene of a grandfather and his grandson in prayer. His use of monochromatic color palettes and white accents create a unique style.

Couple in an Interior

Harry Roseland-Couple in an Interior

Couple in an Interior by Harry Roseland depicts a captivating scene shared by an elderly couple who appear content together. Roseland was best-known for capturing everyday life in his genre paintings. Many of his pieces focus on poor African Americans after the Civil War. Sometimes a family can consist of only two people who deeply love each other.

In a Daisy Field

Theodore Robinson-In a Daisy Field

In a Daisy Field by Theodore Robinson features a young girl carrying an infant though a field of wild daisies. Robinson was one of the greatest contributors to the American Impressionistic movement and his work carries a unique style that combines Impressionism with realism. We can see the girl struggling to lean over to pick a flower as her younger sister is tugging at her ear in an endearing fashion.

We know that there are so many different variations to a family, much like there is to art. These are just a sample of the options we have and you can view more by browsing through our family painting gallery. Our family here at overstockArt hope you find the perfect piece for your family to enjoy.

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