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Family Affair: 5 Relatives of Famous Artists

Many people believe that creative talent can run in the family. Those that are in the creative arts are often drawn to those with similar passions. It should be no surprise that some of history’s most amazing artists also had family members with a great deal of talent. Here are some of the best artists and the family members who were also skilled in their own way.

Gustav Klimt’s Brother

Ernst Klimt was younger brother to the symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. They were both students at the University of Applied Arts and worked as assistants to the engraver Ferdinand Laufberger. He and his brother Gustav started a company that created curtains for theaters and commissioned art pieces. He also married the sister of Emilie Floge, one of Gustav’s muses. After his death, Gustav took it upon himself to finish his brother’s unfinished paintings.

Jean-Honore Fragonard’s Son

Alexandre-Evariste Gragonard was a French painter and Sculptor who first learned about art form his father. His artwork was done in the troubadour Style. He was heavily influenced by his father’s provocative subjects and chose similar risky scenes. There can be many similarities between the two in their attention to detail, as well as their humorous settings.

Claude Monet’s Stepdaughter/Daughter-in-Law

Blanche Hoschede Monet was the daughter of Alice Hoschede, who became the second wife of Claude Monet. She began painting at a very young age and it brought her very close to her stepfather, who helped to encourage her talents. She enjoyed many of the same techniques as he did, including painting the same setting in different lights to capture the different colors. She later married his oldest son and became his daughter-in-law.

Edward Hopper’s Wife

Josephine Verstille Hopper was an American Painter who was both a teacher and a painter during her career. They met in art school but did not begin a relationship until years later when they were both living in an art colony. Jo modeled for the female figures in many of her husband’s art pieces, but only one depicts her specifically, Jo Painting. The diaries she kept about her marriage to the famous artist are now kept in a museum.

Pablo Picasso’s Father

Jose Ruiz y Blasco was a Spanish painter and art teacher before he became father to the famous artist. Unlike his son’s more abstract art, Jose specialized in nature paintings, landscapes and still life pieces. He was especially well-known for his drawings of doves and pigeons. He moved and taught in many different parts of the country while Pablo was growing up, which might have helped his son develop his unique style.

Now that you know a little more about their families, perhaps it will give you a deeper appreciation for their works. You can see beautiful pieces by these artists and many more in our Best Seller gallery. You might even find a piece that will inspire someone in your own family to pursue their passions.

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