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Fashion and Art Collide at the John Singer Sargent Exhibit at the Tate Museum

John Singer Sargent was an American artist who became well-known for his amazing portraits in the 19th century. The fashion displayed in these portraits plays a pivotal role in the scene and is now being noticed. An exhibit at the Tate Museum in London is designed to showcase the use of fashion in Sargent’s work. It has already opened to enthusiastic crowds who are lining up to look at this unique perspective on both art and fashion.

It is no surprise that Sargent’s subjects would all be dressed to impeccably, when he was known for painting the top tier of society. Sargent’s attention to detail brings the subjects faces to life, as well as capturing the luxury of clothes. What they wore helped to create a sense of identity in each of his pieces that is evident even today. He would often change certain details of what the sitter was wearing so that the finished depiction was even more striking.

The exhibit, which toured American cities such as Boston as well, include five of Sargent’s best portraits. You can see Portrait of Madame X in her long, black evening gown that has become an iconic image. La Carmencita features a woman in a bright yellow embroidered dress and is displayed next to the actual dress itself. Although she actually wore a white dress to pose in, Sargent changed the skirt to black in Helen Vincent, Viscountess d’Abernon to make it more striking.

If you are not able to see the John Singer Sargent exhibit in person, you can browse a variety of John Singer Sargent’s art reproductions in our gallery.Portrait Madame X and so many more are available there. You can choose the one that most closely resembles your own sense of style and fashion.

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