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L’Atelier des Lumières Brings Vincent van Gogh to Life

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous and easily recognized artists in history. We celebrate his birthday on March 30th, but his talent is celebrated world-wide every day. His pieces are often used to inspire new and innovative art styles that often include the best of modern technology. L’Ateliar es Lumieres is just one of the newest art exhibits to bring audiences closer to the brilliant master, with its immersive walk-through exhibit.

According to its website, L’Atelier des Luminieres is an immersive art gallery that was built inside an old foundry located in Paris. It opened in April of 2018, showing its first exhibit on Gustav Klimt. This digital art center is hoping to bring many of the best artists into the 21st century by using multiple forms of media to enhance the audience experience.  They were able to take over 3,000 images and put them into video motion to add movement and flow to the exhibit. Their initial attempt at this kind of experiment in art, with Klimt, was a resounding success and only fueled their drive to continue with another great painter.

The Van Gogh exhibit will display a full array of the painter’s greatest works. They include pieces from the beginning of his career, such as the Potato Eaters, to Bedroom at Arles which was painted close to the end of his life. Some of the more famous works like Starry Night and Sunflowers can be easily recognized by his fans as they walk through the glowing exhibit.  Lighting is used to help draw attention to the artist’s use of bold colors and powerful brushstrokes.

They use giant projectors to cast the artwork across the walls in vivid color, while carefully selected music plays loudly from a state of the art sound system. This allows them to create a totally immersive experience for the visitors to get lost in. There are 120 video projectors and 50 speakers located around the space.  Special attention was paid to the center of the foundry, where they have interactive installations featuring full size renderings of his paintings to enjoy.

If you are not able to get to Paris to see this amazing new art experience, you can still enjoy this painter’s masterful work in your own home. We offer a vast selection of museum quality reproductions of Vincent van Gogh’s art to choose from. Order one to admire in any room of your house for years to come.

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