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New Interpretation of the Kiss, Inspired by War Torn Ukraine

Currently, the country of Ukraine is in the world’s focus because of its constant struggle against Russian invasion. Many of the Ukrainian people are doing what they can to help with the resistance. That includes not only businessmen and soldiers but also artists. Many artists have lent their support by creating works of art that draw attention to the country and the devastating effect the war is having on its people. They can add some beauty to a terrible situation, while gaining more support across the globe.

One such artist is an internationally renowned Russian photographer, Andrey Kezzyn. His innovative interpretation of Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece, The Kiss, is breathtaking to gaze at. After hearing the story of two lovers torn apart by the war, it inspired him to create a piece that re-imagined a classic. He has been creating most modern photographs of Klimt’s works for over a decade, but this piece was special to him. He was able to recreate the iconic scene using a golden blanket he found in his studio, a set designer, and two Ukrainian models that fit his idea for the piece. He wanted them to represent real people who had been hurt and heartbroken by the war. Instead of being in a field of flowers, like the original, he chose to give them a background of blue and yellow to represent the Ukrainian flag. Kezzyn posted the picture, along with a plea for donations to help the Ukrainian people, on his social media sites and has seen a massive amount of support for it. You can still find it displayed on his Instagram.

Gustav Klimt was a controversial artist whose artwork has been intricately involved in other major world wars. During World War II, much of his artwork was looted by the Nazis and sold to collectors all over the world. Historians are still struggling to locate and regain all of those lost pieces. At least now, his work is helping to inspire a nation to continue to fight for its freedom. If you find Klimt’s art inspirational as well, feel free to browse our Klimt gallery. We have a wide selection of some of his most iconic pieces to choose from.

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