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Pablo Picasso: Art Genius Becomes More Widely Available

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish Painter who was born in 1908 and died in 1973. Picasso began to practice art at a very young age, but it wasn’t until he found inspiration in artists like Henri Matisse that he began to experiment with newer styles. He was both a painter and a sculptor, and he is most well-known for creating the cubist movement. Picasso transitioned his artwork through various different artistic period and was quite popular during his lifetime. He would later be considered one of the most influential artists of the early 20th century.


Picassos career can be broken down to the different periods that reflected the changing nature of his artwork. During his early Blue period, he created more somber pieces in mostly blue or green tones, with sadder subject matters. Then, the Rose period shows his transition to warmer colors and featuring circus people. It was during this period that he became popular among many of the best art collectors around the world and especially in America. His African influence period got inspiration from native sculpture and artifacts he viewed while enjoying museums. Then his most acclaimed period is his cubist, which can be separated into the early analytic and the later synthetic. This is when he crafted his unique surrealist style and created many of the masterpieces he most recognized for.

At the Lapin Agile

Since Pablo Picasso is still considered a relatively modern artist, much of his work is still protected by copyrights and not available to the general public. Recently, more of his work has been entered into the public domain and is now able to be enjoyed by the general public. If you look through our Picasso gallery you will see that we have attempted to offer as much variety as possible. We have the beautiful cool tones of the Blue Nude. There is the sculpted look of both Les Damoiselles D’Avignon and L’Amitie. You can see the whimsical influence of the circus in At the Lapin Agile and Harlequin Leaning on his Elbow. Not to mention, the cubism that is paramount to the Picasso style is evident in one of his most famous pieces, Three Musicians.

Harlequin Leaning on his Elbow.

Take the time to look at each of his unique paintings and find the one that fits perfectly with your own décor. He will add both energy and beauty to any room of your home. We hope that the addition of these new pieces will delight you and much as it does us.

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