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Help Picking the Perfect Frame

When you purchase a piece of art that you love, choosing the right frame for it is just as important. It is what helps the piece become a focal point and can enhance the arts beauty. There are many different types of frames available, which can be overwhelming sometimes. Here are three quick and easy decisions you can make to help narrow down your choices and find the perfect frame for your new art.


When choosing your frame, you will want to keep in mind the wall color that it will be hanging on. If you want a more dramatic focus, you can choose a dark frame for a lighter wall or the other way around. A contrast can bring attention to a beautiful piece. If you are wanting to choose a gold or silver frame, it is often better to keep it in the same tone as any other metal details you have in the room. Natural woods tones are the most versatile choice and look good with almost any color scheme.


Frames can come in a variety of styles, from sleep and modern to classic and ornate. You will want it to coordinate with both the room’s décor and the painting style. You can choose for the frame’s style to match, or to compliment. Be careful with putting a frame that is too modern on a baroque style painting though. Those would look better on more abstract piece. A simple angled frame often compliments both the modern art pieces, as well as the more romantic styles because of its simplicity.


Size can be one of the most difficult aspects of choosing a frame. You want the finished piece to fit in your space, but you also want the frame to be proportional to the piece of art inside it. Often a thin frame can disappear with a very large piece, while thick and ornate frames can over power a smaller painting. If you are wanting the frame to make a statement in the room, becoming part of the art, it is better to find something with a wider frame. Is you prefer the painting to be the focus, thin studio frames or even floater frames (which have empty space around the stretched canvas) can be hardly noticeable.

In our Frame Collection, we have a very wide variety of frames for you to choose from. Once you have used these three topics to help narrow down your choices you can use our framing gallery to see how the art piece will look in each remaining frame choice. If you would like a little bit more direction, we always offer suggestions for the most popular or most recommended frames beneath the paintings image on the item page.

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