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Summer Waves

As summer approaches, many of us start to think about an ocean getaway. The feeling of the warm sun on our face and the cool feeling of waves at our feet. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to plan that vacation. Here are a few art pieces that might help you feel as if the ocean was right there in your own home.

Katsushika Hokusai-The Great Wave of Kanagawa

The power of nature is beautifully captured in The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. Originally created as a woodblock print, this masterpiece features the Japanese ukiyo-e style. It is also one of the most recognizable works of Japanese art.  With a towering wave about to crash into the sea and Mount Fuji in the background, this painting is a testament to the magnitude of natural forces.

Edward Mitchell Bannister-Ocean Cliffs

Edward Mitchell Bannister, who painted Ocean Cliffs, was primarily known for his idealized landscapes and seascapes but would also paint portraits, still lifes, biblical and mythological scenes. Many of these paintings where done as requested pieces and his work reflected the composition, mood, and influences of French Barbizon painters.

Henri Matisse
The Bay of Nice, 1918

Vincent Van Gogh-Seascape at Saintes maries

Many of Van Gogh’s most famous works are scenes of stillness and calm brought to life with dizzying color and texture, but in Seascape at Saintes Maries, you’ll see Van Gogh at his most dynamic with an action-packed scene set upon the sea. Van Gogh’s gorgeous portrait of lonely ships on the sea has a hint of hope among the choppy waves is still one of his most unrecognized works.

Edward Henry Potthast-Summer Day, Brighton Beach

Summer Day, Brighton Beach by Edward Henry Potthast is a remarkable oil painting with exceptional use of color, detail and brush strokes. Potthast was among the best of the American Impressionist painters, popular and successful, who was strongly influenced by French Impressionism. His paintings avoid complex emotions and instead depict happy carefree moments, such as children enjoying the waves.

Henri Matisse-The Bay of Nice

Sailing off to a luxurious destination may not be possible at the moment but, The Bay of Nice by Henri Matisse may be the next best thing. It is a captivating scene that shows a peaceful vista of the bay from the vantage point of a hotel. Matisse uses this perspective to immediately pull the viewer in to feel like they are part of the scene.

We hope that these give you inspiration to create your own seaside oasis. These paintings are so lovely, you can almost hear the sound of the waves crashing. If you would like more selections of seascapes, look to our Seascape art gallery. We are confident you will find just what you are looking for!

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