The Kiss by Gustav Klimt Named Most Romantic Oil Painting for Valentine’s Day 2011

Gustav Klimt's sensual masterpiece, "The Kiss," tops's 2011 Valentine's Day Top 10 Romantic Oil Paintings list.The online art gallery,, published today its official Top 10 list for most romantic painting for Valentine’s Day 2011. Topping the chart is Gustav Klimt’s sensual masterpiece “The Kiss.” Other artists named on the 2011 Valentine’s Day Top 10 Romantic Oil Paintings list include Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Vincent van Gogh. The oil paintings that made the 2011 Valentine’s Day Top 10 Romantic Oil Paintings list are:

  1. “The Kiss,” Gustav Klimt
  2. “Dance in the City,” Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  3. “The Lovers,” Pablo Picasso
  4. “Lovers with Half Moon, 1926,” Marc Chagall
  5. “The Heart,” Henri Matisse
  6. “Fulfillment (The Embrace),” Gustav Klimt
  7. “The Bridal Pair with The Eiffel Tower,” Marc Chagall
  8. “Dance in the Country,” Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  9. “Hand with Bouquet,” Pablo Picasso
  10. “Noon: Rest from Work,” Vincent van Gogh

More than 3,000,000 page views to’s romantic gallery were tracked. According to the click tracking, “The Kiss,” was the most sought-after painting clicked at almost 37 percent, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Dance in the City” garnered 25 percent of the clicks to grab second. “Klimt’s work uniquely reveals the sensuality of life and relationships – which is a testament in his masterpieces ‘The Kiss’ and ‘Fulfillment (The Embrace),'” said David Sasson, founder, and president of “His distinctive style remains extremely popular, which is evidenced by the fact that ‘The Kiss’ was named the most romantic oil painting of the year and was our third best-selling oil painting in 2010.”

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