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Thomas Castano: Beautiful Memories in Realism

Thomas Castano is an artist who was born and still lives in Spain. He is self-taught and has a unique style of realism to his paintings. He has had his art featured in exhibits all across the world including the USA, Japan and France. His works are done primarily in oil and acrylic paint. He has a lot of expertise related to architecture that is evident in many of his works. When he isn’t working on new art, he also enjoys traveling and seeing new places.

Costano believes that he gets his inspiration from his memories and hopes to convey that to his audience. His drive is to capture moments so that future generations can experience life as it was. He also hope that it help with urban planning decisions, by showing how architecture can affect the space around it. The art is meant to help keep some of the architectural beauty intact.

We have a wonderful sampling of Castano’s work in the Thomas Castano gallery. You can enjoy a beautiful skyline in Plaza Del Ayuntamiento De Santander or Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Taipei. Take a step back in time with vintage looking pieces like Havana Blue Car and Barberia Konfort. Admire the details of the buildings in Bodega Cigalena and Old Façade Havana. Add a pop of color with Buganvilla. Any one of these images will make your home feel more wistful.

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