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Captivating Bridge Art: Famous Paintings Depicting Iconic Bridges

A Bridge Can Give You a Beautiful View, Even Indoors!

Some of the most breathtaking views include a bridge. That is why so many famous artists capture one of these architectural wonders in their paintings. Here are some of our favorite paintings featuring a lovely bridge and the wonderful view created by it. You can give your guests something to admire when they visit your home or office.

Claude Monet-Japanese Bridge

Claude Monet-Japanese Bridge

In Japanese Bridge, that’s also known as The Japanese Footbridge, Claude Monet portrays the arched bridge and pond that by then had become his primary source of inspiration. Monet completed several paintings from this same perspective to show the bridge under different lighting conditions. In this one, the sun shines down, contrasting with the soothing greens of the bridge, the trees and the water lilies that overpower the pond.

Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh-Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing

With Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing, you’ll feel the same fascination as Vincent van Gogh did with his subject matter. This painting is part of a larger series depicting the Langlois Bridge at Arles, a French drawbridge for crossing the canal from Arles to Bouc. Women do their laundry on the shores of the canal while a horse and carriage cross over the bridge, which is seemingly threatening to open up. The bright complementary colors give it an intensity that is classic Van Gogh.

Manhattan Bridge Loop, 1928 Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper-Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge created by Edward Hopper. It is a remarkable oil painting with exceptional use of color, detail and brush strokes. Hopper received many honors in his lifetime for his exceptional use of color, detail, and subject matter. His classic works capture the authenticity of urban and rural American life. His use emotions and beauty that have placed them among the lasting and popular images of the American 20th century landscape.

Theodore Robinson-Bridge near Giverny

Theodore Robinson-Bridge near Giverny

Theodore Robinson, the painter of Bridge Near Giverny, was one of the greatest contributors to the American Impressionistic movement. With advice taken directly from Claude Monet, his close friend, neighbor, and famous artist, Robinson’s work carries a unique style that combines Impressionism with his original style of realism. While many edges are blurred and the brushstrokes are very visible, we can still make out the highlights on his trees and the reflections in the still water.

Waterloo Bridge in the Sun, 1916 Emile Claus

Emile Claus-Waterloo Bridge in the Sun

Emile Claus, who painted Waterloo Bridge in the Sun, was experiencing significant international success thanks to his signature Luminist style when World War I broke out. He fled from mainland Europe to London, where this painting was created. This image and the corresponding series it belongs to are some of Claus’s most directly Impressionist images. They recall Monet who studied the same bridge and whose images had influenced Claus greatly when he saw them exhibited over a decade earlier.

Sometimes the best thing you can offer a guest is a beautiful view while they visit. A bridge is a design element that can enhance any scene. We love the views painted by these amazing artists, but we also have more if you browse our Buildings and Structures Gallery. We are sure you will find the view you are looking for!

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