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Viral TikTok Video Causes Confusion Over the Mona Lisa

These days, with so many social media choices, it is hard to know what is a reliable source of information. Users of the video app TikTok learned that not everything they find there is the truth. A video that had now gone viral, is claiming that the Mona Lisa was recently stolen. It included a video of a car chase in Paris and a caption that read “POV: in Paris when the Mona Lisa is stolen.” The video has had over ten million views, by people who both believe and don’t believe it’s true.

@narvanator Grus been at it again!! #fyp #fypシ #paris #paristiktok #monalisa #stolen #gru #despicableme ♬ original sound – Narvanator

The Mona Lisa has been stolen in the past, but not as this video claims. The painting is currently hanging safely at the Louvre Museum in Paris. It is hung behind protective glass and carefully watched by guards. The painting has been stolen only once in history, although many have tried to vandalize it. The only time it has ever been stolen was in 1911 when it was taken by an Italian employee of the Louvre. Two years after the theft he was caught while trying to sell the piece to an Italian art dealer who turned him in. The thief only served 6 months in prison for the crime. Attempts made to vandalize it have occurred all the way to this past year, when it had cake thrown at it, but are never successful. This is one very well-protected piece of art.

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