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New Florida Budget Cuts Funding for Arts and Culture Grants, Stripping Money from Museums and Others

Florida governor Ron DeSantis cut over thirty million in arts and culture grants from the state’s budget for next year. The Florida State legislature originally had money allocated to these grants in their version of the budget before the governor’s cuts. Many Florida politicians have spoken out opposed to the cuts, since the arts represent an economic value of over three billion annually in jobs and revenue. To them, the cuts just don’t make mathematical sense.

What the Grants Are Used For

Cutting these grants effect a wide range of groups, including museums, art galleries, zoos, community theaters and more. Among those included are the Tampa Museum of Art, which recently announced plans for an expansion. Since most of these rely on the state funding to meet their operations costs, this will most likely result in lost jobs and possibly even some closures. Many of these do also earn money through ticket prices, which will most likely go up, effecting already struggling families. They will also be trying to raise money through donations, but in the current economy that might be difficult.

The Effect of the Grant Cuts

Reducing the access people will have to the arts and cultural influence of museums, theaters and other groups will have a negative impact on the youth especially. Studies have found that adding the arts to child’s experience helps them to develop better critical thinking and creativity. These places also help to encourage a stronger sense of community and better diversity. This will also have a negative impact on the local economies, as arts funding is often redirected into them by way of salaries.

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