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3 men convicted of stealing “The Scream” Oil Painting

A Norwegian court convicted 3 of the 6 men accused in the horrific theft of “The Scream,” a legendary work by Edvard Munch. “The Scream” painting is probably the most famous masterpiece of the Norwegian culture.

The Norwegian court imprisoned the three men for 8 years in prison and placed a $121,000,000 price tag on the famous oil painting. The city of Oslo has set a reward of $370,000 for anyone who would supply information about the whereabouts of the masterpiece.

Norwegian artist Edvard Munch was one of the more gifted painters of our time. As a painter, Munch played a major role in the development of German Expressionism. Throughout his career, Munch’s paintings and print work covered dark themes such as sickness, misery and death. His masterpiece, The Scream, remains as an icon of existential torment.

The Norwegian people are at a loss. I feel for them and hope that the painting will surface soon. “The Scream” is a wonderful masterpiece and its place among the world’s greats of modern art is assured. In fact, this being the second “Scream Sting” in the last 12 years, its value and immortality is on the rise.

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