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Add a Splash of Tangerine Tango to Your Decor

Vivid colors, including tangerine hues, emerge from Gustav Klimt Water Serpents II. Tangerine Tango, Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year, is the “spirited reddish orange” shade that will be brightening up cosmetics, fashion and home trends this year. Design Expert Dawn Kail of advises that it’s easy to brighten up your home design with the color Pantone describes as being “reminiscent of the radiant shading of a sunset.”

“Decorating with vibrant shades of orange, like Tangerine Tango, adds a playful, lively energy to the home,” said Kail. “In feng shui, the color orange is often called the ‘social’ color and is used in areas of the home where you want energy that promotes lively conversations and good times.”

Kail advises to start small when decorating with such a vibrant color, “I wouldn’t advise you to repaint every wall in a room or purchase all new furniture in tangerine tango, use the color to accessorize and accent your home. Doing too much will leave your room looking like a pumpkin patch.”

Enliven your home decor with five decorating tips from Kail that make it easy to incorporate the color of the year into your look:

  1. Color pairings – Traditionally an autumnal shade, Tangerine Tango can last all year when it is paired with popular neutral tones like white and gray. The reddish-orange color pairs well with other vivid shades of red, yellow and fuschia. You can also tone down the look by offsetting it with shades of mint and modern shades of blue. Add a sense of sophistication to your look by adding hints of gold.
  2. Home décor – The easiest way to introduce the color of the year is with home accessories. Soft linens, like pillows, throws and bedding, in the bright orange shade will quickly add spice to a room. Vases, candleholder and even cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can be used to brighten neutral color schemes. Displaying vibrant pieces of art featuring the playful color quickly livens up a room. Either go with a piece that predominantly features the orange shades, like Paul Klee’s masterpiece “Head of Man.” Or display a piece with pops of the bright color, such as Gustav Klimt’s sensual painting “Water Serpents II.”
  3. In the kitchen – For a dynamic burst of energy in the kitchen, incorporate Tangerine Tango colored appliances, like KitchenAid’s signature stand mixer in the hue. Add a bright splash of color to your walls and backsplashes with fine art. Hang a painting or try a textured ceramic art tile. Fine art trivet tiles featuring the shade, like Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Oriental Poppies,” can decorate your wall and your table.
  4. Walls and windows – Brighten up your entryways, hallways and rooms by painting a wall in this vivacious orange. Or paint your front door in this welcoming shade. Wallpaper has returned, so why not add a punch of color to your walls with wallpaper that highlights this juicy hue. Or add a small burst of the brilliant shade to drapery panels and curtains.
  5. Home furnishings – Add key pieces to a neutral room, like a vivid armchair or side table. In the bedroom, custom headboards in the bright shade or nightstands add a playful look.

“The orange color trend isn’t meant to dictate your home’s color scheme, it is more a directional suggestion,” said Kail. “All you have to do is add a splash of Tangerine Tango to add a fresh and fun spirit to the look of your home.”

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