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Fresh Fruit for Summer and Beyond

Some of the best things about summer are the beautiful flowers and fresh fruit that appear in abundance. Those brilliant colors and textures, make us just want to take a bite. With the right piece of art you can enjoy some of those delicious images all year long. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite and most refreshing paintings depicting fresh fruit that will look amazing on your wall all year.

Henri Matisse-Still Life with Oranges

Like Picasso, Matisse is known to be one of the foremost artists of modern times. After a short bout of illness, Matisse gave up the study of law to take up painting. He was one of the pioneers of Fauvism, a style utilizing vivid color for its sensual and decorative value. This work of art has such high energy and vibrant color, that it represents the zest of its citrus fruit perfectly.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Strawberries

In the true tradition of Renoir, Strawberries, from 1905, creates a dreamlike display out of a decadent still life. In this strawberry painting, Renoir uses bright and warm colors to bring his subject to life. Our oil painting reproductions are 100 percent hand-painted on artist-grade canvas with extreme attention to detail. This piece will add a sweet accent to your dining room or kitchen.

Claude Monet-Pears and Grapes

Although Claude Monet specialized in Impressionist landscapes, Pears and Grapes is a wonderful example of the wide array of subjects the artist was able to portray. In this piece it is evident that he enjoyed playing with the nature of light and contrasting color. The sunlit fruits in warm tones, like orange and yellow, as well as the beautiful blues and purples are sure to brighten up any mood.

Paul Cezanne-Still Life with Melons and Apples

Still Life with Apples and Melons by Paul Cezanne is one of the artist’s most beloved still lifes. The gorgeous display of blues and greens joins careful brushstrokes to exhibit a display that is so purely Cezanne. For a Cezanne still life, melons and apples were an ideal subject, since they weren’t susceptible to quick wilting or browning and they will remain fresh in your home all year long.

Claude Monet-Jar of Peaches

Slightly before his Impressionist period, Claude Monet created this enticing Jar of Peaches painting. Sumptuous fruit jarred in glass is the center focus for this endearing painting. Well defined lines, darker brown background hues, and reflective light emphasize the rich red and orange color of the luscious fruit. It would be a delectable centerpiece to any room.

Edouard Manet-Deux Poires

This painting of Deux Poires, is an excellent example of Manet’s impressionist style. This still life of two juicy green pears in created with painstaking detail. It depicts both the simplicity and beauty of the fruit, giving you an elegant piece to hang in any room of your home. Give your guest’s something delicious to look at when they visit.

Edward Mitchell Bannister-Still Life

Although Edward Mitchell Bannister typically focused on creating landscapes, he also painted a number of striking still life works like this one. Aptly titled Still Life, this Tonalist painting was created sometime in the late 1800s and features Bannister’s characteristic moody style. The simple scene features a gorgeous arrangement of fruits and drinks, creating an inviting look that’s especially appropriate for kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

Charles Demuth-Still Life with Apples and Bananas

Still Life with Apples and Bananas is a watercolor still life painting that displays elements of Demuth’s primary style, Precisionism. In this image we can see the bold vivid colors and exact lines created to move with his style. The influences of cubism are evident, with the sharp distinctly geometric shapes of the apples and bananas, as well as the thin lines that make up the folds of the towel underneath. It is a more modern piece that will still appeal to a variety of guests.

Edouard Vuillard-Cup and Mandarin

With Cup and Mandarin many homeowners find a beautiful accent for their space that reflects a true appreciation for art history and one of the world’s great painters. The neutral tones in the background really let the bold color of the Mandarin pop and grab your attention. This would be the perfect piece for a warm and intimate room of your home, meant to be enjoyed during cozy moments.

Edouard Manet-Still Life with Melon and Peaches

Color and light come together to make a beautiful everyday scene in Edouard Manet’s Still Life with Melon and Peaches. With Manet’s impressionist style and fondness for modern-day subjects, this still life never goes out of style. The vibrant fruit provide a delightful focal point in any room that will be fresh throughout all the seasons.

We hope that this has sparked your taste for something to freshen up your home for the new season. If you didn’t find the piece you were looking for here, please browse our summer seasonal gallery for more styles and ideas. Here at overstockArt I know we have the right piece for everyone.

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