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Adrian Borda : Worlds in the Imagination

While some artists enjoy capturing the world around them in unique and beautiful ways, Adrian Borda brings to life the world that lives inside his own imagination. In the freedom of his own head space Borda explores the endless possibilities for characters and settings. Some of them embody the wonder and excitement of childhood. They offer us a glimpse into an innocent and optimistic environment. Other pieces expose the darker side of the mind, where harsh emotions control the narrative. While some of those scenes can be frightening, they can also be a way to explore the more somber realities in a safe fictional surrounding.

Adrian Borda is a modern surrealist painter that currently lives in Romania. Although he has had some physical art exhibits and shows, he shares his art widely on online platforms.  He prefers not to travel, but instead finds inspiration and artistic content in meditation. The creations he offers on the canvas are all from the deepest corners of his mind. Images that are both positive and negative come from that inner world and find a sacred place in his art.

Many of Adrian Borda’s works can be viewed with appreciation as a tribute to childhood imagination. His collection of paintings featuring children playing in the moonlight would be perfect as a gift for an expecting mother. The soothing blue tones and the ethereal glow of the moon are magical, and the children at play convey innocence. There are also the fantastic pieces in his Life is a Dance collection, featuring both people and instruments. Both versions express the thrill of embracing a moment, regardless of the surroundings. Those kinds of spontaneous feelings can be very inspiring to an audience.

Borda is also known for his disregard towards conventional opinions about art. He enjoys painting images that get strong reactions from the viewer. That includes seemingly frightening or uncomfortable scenes. The fact that they are done in a surrealist style makes them fascinating to look at, even if the content might be considered taboo. His Broken Heart pieces are gruesome, but poignant in the message they convey. He creates many images of people with doll-like feature in haunting situations that become impossible to forget. With his considerable talent he is able to bring nightmares to life and fascinate viewers.

Surrealism as an art style is meant to provide creations that ignite the imagination. They evoke emotions and startle the sense. Adrian Borda has managed to do that with his wide variety of subjects and settings, all nurtured in his own imagination. We at overstockArt hope that you are able to find something that stimulates your own creativity in the collection of his work we offer.

About the Author

Amanda graduated from the University of Kansas, where she studied English literature and got a masters degree in library sciences. She enjoys reading, cooking and playing with her nephews. Her best friend is her little dog Brady.