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Justyna Kopania: Capturing Raw Emotion on Canvas

As one of the most popular contemporary artists on our site, Justyna Kopania is a great talent that we are proud to feature as our artist of the month for November. She currently resides in Warsaw, Poland where she works from her own studio. A love of art has always been a strong influence on her life and can be seen in many of her pieces. She wants to translate emotion into something that can be appreciated and shared. As she creates new collections, she will continue to provide the world with that kind of wonderful art. That makes her an artist we deeply admire and want to share

Kopania feels a deep connection to many different forms of art, not just oil paints. The opera, theater and music are also passions for her. Many of these themes are in her paintings. Violoncello depicts an elegant cello being played by a passionate musician. Her portrayal of dancers, such as Tango and Flamenco display a delightfully dramatic image of dance. Passing is a piece that shows a theater mask in being held gently as it delicately falls apart. She believes that art in any form, allows us to create, instead of destroy things in the world.

Her use of oil paints on canvas is a classic choice, but she makes it unique by using tools that are unexpected. She can create the colors and textures her work is known for with spoons, cardboard, sculpting tools, or even her own bare hands. It is this kind of texture that reflects the raw emotion being cast upon the canvas and makes if feel so real to the viewer. Her cityscapes, such as Street and Moon are wonderful examples of how this technique adds to the impact of the piece.

Currently, she is working on a new collection of large pieces depicting a ship called Furia. She appreciates how the sea can represent freedom. There are already pieces on our site that show boats on calm waters, such as Boats, Sea and Mist. This is a subject that Kopania has captured in so many ways, there is a piece that will speak to almost anyone.  The paintings that display the moon reflecting over serene waters can bring a tranquility to any space.

No doubt her newest collection will be fascinating, and we here at overstockArt are excited to see more great work from this artist. Please take the time to browse her gallery, which is full of emotional and moving pieces. There are a variety of sizes, subjects and prices to accommodate any art lover.

About the Author

Amanda graduated from the University of Kansas, where she studied English literature and got a masters degree in library sciences. She enjoys reading, cooking and playing with her nephews. Her best friend is her little dog Brady.