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Marina Venediktova: Modern Abstract with Variety

Marina Venediktova is a Russian artist who works and lives in St. Petersburg. She attended the National Youth Art School of Kazan  and the School of Art “ArtMir” at the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg. Her education continue by participating in workshops by other contemporary Russian artists such as Valery Shishkin, Anna Marinova, and Andrey Romasyukov. Venediktova also opened her own drawing school in 2012 for both adults and children. More recently she presented art in the technique of Dutch still life on her website and has been experimenting with styles that are closer to surrealism. In 2021 she painted more than 50 pieces, mostly in large interior format according to her website. .

Her art is meant to be a unique language that allows her to communicate with the audience in a special way, going beyond simple words. Each piece is created to show the viewer a moment in life that he might not otherwise be able to capture. The oil paintings each have their own sense of energy and life, flowing from the canvas and into the space they are hanging. It is her hope that her art will give some of her energy and rhythm to the life of those that purchase it.

Vintage Style 1 - Marina Venediktova

In the Marina Venediktova art gallery you will find a wide variety of amazing abstract art pieces. Some offer unique images of everyday items, such as Vintage Style 1 and Glamour BB, which are stylized still life pieces.

Beginning of Time - Marina Venediktova
Use of abstract shapes and colors, like Beginning of Time and Lights and Mirrors can add energy to a space. Even her portraits, such as Myth, Psyche Soul and Myth, Andromeda Beauty are more intriguing the longer you look at them. We are sure you will love the selection of pieces we are offering from our January artists of the month. Pick the perfect piece to add a unique twist to your own style.

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