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View the World Through a Different Lens With Hua Haung

Hua Haung is a Chinese artist who lives and works in the Sichuan Provence of China. He has been pursuing art for more than thirty-five years, in a wide variety of mediums and subjects. As an internationally recognized artist, many of his works are in collections held in China, the USA and Great Britain. Originally, he had dreams of being an actor on stage, but he eventually found other ways to express his creativity. He began selling his artwork online in 2018 and continues to grow his available collection constantly by adding new pieces.

Touch of SeductionAmong the many styles he enjoys creating in are Impressionism, Expressionism, Photorealism and Abstract. He attributes his love of the theater for his ability to create such dramatic works of art. Each piece is meant to express humanism and the wide range of emotions that we can experience. He focused mainly on premium photos and giclée. Each image is unique and special to the artist.

Haung has such a wide variety of artwork to offer, we tried to provide a diverse sampling of his work. Enjoy the bright color combinations of Walking in the Rain. Get a sense of an Asian influence in Shanghai Express or Night Train to Chengdu. Feel the energy of the subjects in I Wanna Dance with Somebody or Cut the Corner. You can even enjoy the mystery presented in A Touch of Seduction.

Walking Through The Rain

Looking at the pieces presented in the Hua Haung gallery, it is easy to see why we chose this contemporary artist as our artist of the month. He is constantly creating new and wonderful works of art that we are proud to share with the world. Add one of his prints to your own collection soon!

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