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Not all artists get the same notoriety as Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet or Vincent van Gogh. Often, some amazing paintings are overlooked because the name is not as easily recognizable. Here at, we would like to show you a few of our favorite artists that are lesser known, but still deeply talented. You might even uncover your new favorite artist.

Henri Rousseau

Rousseau was a post-impressionist painter who did not pursue his art until later in life. He was self-taught and was considered to be a primitive painter. Although he spent his entire career in Paris, some of his most popular pieces are vibrant jungle scenes. Many of his works were inspired by children’s books and botanical gardens. Critics would often describe his style as childish and he found very little success for his art during his lifetime. Since then, his art has influenced many avante-garde artists including Pablo Picasso, who was always a fan.

Thomas Cole

Cole was an American artist known for his romantic landscapes and historical paintings. He was one of the founding members of the Hudson River School art movement which was vastly popular during the 19th century. Cole was renowned for his ability to capture the American wilderness and he traveled during many expeditions across the country. Many of his paintings are now housed in prominent buildings in Washington D.C. including the National Gallery.

Charles Demuth

Demuth was an American artist involved in the avante-garde art movement who painted in both watercolors and oils. Cubism can be seen as a strong influence in many of his most popular pieces. He created a genre of art called “poster portraits” where he painted a representation of an artistic icon by the use of objects, letters and numbers instead of an exact image of them. He was also a contributor in the Precisionist movement, which is known for having sharp, geometric shapes without figures. Demuth would often paint urban landscapes in this style.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Rossetti was a member of a prominent British family who founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood art movement in 1848 along with two other members. His art was known for a sensuality and medieval quality that appealed to a broad audience, even to this day. Part of that came from the close personal relationship he often had with his models, and reflected in his depictions. His female portraits are especially fascinating to observe and are able to evoke a strong romantic energy. 

We hope that this list provides you with a starting point to begin exploring the wide assortment of artists available on our website. We carry the classic masters, but also a variety of more obscure but still brilliant painters from a vast list of artistic styles. We just know that we have the perfect piece for any home.

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