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Atelier De Jiel Named’s February Artist of the Month

Having exhibited his art across France, Atelier De Jiel is an up-and-coming French ‘New Age’ painter. The artist began drawing in childhood, while living in Le Mans but didn’t start seriously painting until 1998. On a trip to the doctor, Jiel picked up a magazine in the waiting room. He happened upon an article on Van Gogh. The centerfold image featured Van Gogh’s Doctor Gachet. He pulled the page out and took it home. Fortunately, he had bought a canvas (that was still unused) several months prior to this. He used the canvas to recreate Van Gogh’s work.

Jiel kept on painting, recreating many masterworks by notable artists such as Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, Gauguin, and others. Using famous art, Jiel practiced his painting skills and gained a sense of precision. Even though he had never taken a class or seriously studied art, a gallery in Cannes accepted all of his paintings! He then went on to exhibit some of his first works in Paris, Toulouse, and Marseille. His paintings are now found in private collections not only in France but also around the world.

Primarily working with oil on canvas, Jiel is now also creating his own new technique using acrylic and epoxy resin. While he started out copying well-known works, the artist’s style has now evolved to take on his own individual look.

Even though he learned by recreating some of art history’s best-known works, he doesn’t follow one specific school of painting. His paintings do reflect Impressionist and Expressionist styles. For example, “Black Cat on Roofs of Paris” part of his popular ‘Black Cat’ series, is an Abstract Expressionist piece. With a cubist feel, this work takes the viewer high above the Paris streets to a crowded rooftop view. The muted neutrals become a backdrop for the strikingly angular black cat who is perched on the roof’s edge.

We are excited to have Atelier De Jiel and his self-taught style as part of To see his Black Cat series along with other Impressionist and Abstract Expressionist-inspired works, visit Atelier De Jiel’s gallery collection on

About the Author

Erica Loop has a BA in the history of art and architecture as well as film studies. She has worked for the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Ms. Loop has taught studio-based art classes for children from toddlers to teens for the past decade along with writing freelance content across the web.