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Celebrate with Splendor: A Holiday Art Gift Guide for Parents and Children

Sometimes the hardest people to Christmas shop for are the ones that we have known the longest. Our closest family members, our parents and children, are the ones we know the best. Yet, they can be difficult to find the perfect gift to give around the holidays. Here are some of our suggestions for pieces of art they will love.

Art Gifts for Parents

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Young Girls at the Piano

In Young Girls at the Piano, Pierre-Auguste Renoir portrays two working-class girls, one playing the piano while her friend observes. With the artist’s expert use of spacing and detail, the viewer sees their unmistakable delight in this innocent moment. Show your parents how much you love their support of your hobbies growing up with this beautiful piece.

Claude Monet-Madame Monet and Her Son

The famous Claude Monet painting, Madame Monet and her Son, Monet portrays his first wife Camille and their son Jean on a summer stroll outside their home in Argenteuil, France. Monet’s lifelong obsession with the nature of color and light is on display, with grassy shadows countered by the bright blue sky. This will remind your parents of those warm summer days together.

Edward Henry Potthast-Children Playing at the Seashore

Edward Potthast was a notable American Impressionist painter, strongly influenced by the French Impressionists. He is best known for his leisurely scenes of people playing on the beach, such as Children Playing at the Seashore. Gift these to your parents as a sign that you cherish the memories you shared with them.

Art Gifts for Children

Henri Matisse-The Gold Fish

The Gold Fish by Henri Marisse depicts goldfish swimming in a vase in bold and bright colors. He was one of the pioneers of Fauvism, a style utilizing vivid color for its sensual and decorative value. After a short bout of illness, Matisse gave up the study of law to take up painting. Watch your children’s eyes light up when you hang this piece in their room.

Martin Johnson Heade-Apple Blossoms and Hummingbird

American artist Martin Johnson Heade, who painted Apple Blossoms and Hummingbird, grew up in rural Pennsylvania and his childhood likely influenced his fervent interest in nature. This piece showcases not only a beautiful scene in nature, but also the product of hours upon hours of study into this unique bird. Give some of the beauty of nature to the child in your life that enjoys the sight of wild animals.

Edgar Degas-Star Dancer (On Stage)

Star Dancer (On Stage) by Edgar Degas vividly depicts the young star of a show completing an arabesque, owning the stage while other dancers wait in the wings. French Impressionist Degas was known for his paintings of ballerinas and dancers. Let them know you want them to follow their dreams with this amazing piece of art.

If you haven’t yet discovered the ideal piece of art, we invite you to explore our Gift Center, where we’ve curated galleries tailored to each individual on your list. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for Dad or Mom, Son or Daughter, our diverse selection offers an array of options. With an extensive collection featuring works from popular artists, we are confident that you’ll discover the perfect artistic expression to bring joy to the parent or child you’re hoping to delight.

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