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Contemporary Artist Beatrice Bedeur Awarded Artist of the Month for May 2017

Selected from thousands of creators worldwide, Belgian artist Beatrice Bedeur has been named’s May Artist of the Month. If you’re near the town of Aywaille, her incredible artwork will be on display at Harzé castle for the next few months. For the rest of us, her gallery on features dozens of images on demand. Read on to find out more about this talented painter and the story behind her creations.

Cosmic Silk - Beatrice Bedeur (2009)

Cosmic Silk – Beatrice Bedeur (2009)

Born and raised in a rural village called Comblain-au-Pont, Bedeur lives surrounded by nature’s inspiring beauty. With wooded hillsides, gentle valleys, and flowing rivers, it’s a lush environment that nourishes creativity. “It is in this little piece of heaven that I’ve painted for 20 years”, the artist said. Though she loved drawing, sculpting, and collaging as a child, her creative journey was a long and winding road.

Comblain-au-Pont Panorama

Comblain-au-Pont, Belgium – Image by David Edgar (CC BY 3.0)

Bedeur initially pursued interior design before graduating the ICADI in Liège as a photographer and filmmaker in 1982. Photography would be her profession for the next 15 years, until attending a painting workshop hosted by Guy Leclercq, another gifted Belgian artist. Bedeur credits his instruction with guiding the evolution of her technique. Twenty years later, her style has matured into something truly unique, enlightening the look and feel of homes around the world.

We are the Story - Beatrice Bedeur (2015)

We are the Story – Beatrice Bedeur (2015)

With an emphasis on geometric abstraction, Bedeur extracts graceful lines from the landscape around her. Arcing across the canvas, they combine in fresh new ways, reminiscent of Cubist masters. Where the real magic of her images lies though is in the color. Varying the size and texture of her brushstrokes, Bedeur applies glowing tones in a way that is at once Impressionist, Pointillist, and Fauve. Certain hues run throughout her body of work, but each painting’s color palette is carefully chosen and comes together in a harmonious, hopeful fashion.

Envol - Beatrice Bedeur (2001)

Envol – Beatrice Bedeur (2001)

Physically speaking, her artwork has been displayed in some of Europe’s most prominent art fairs. Not to mention a whole host of galleries, throughout Spain, Germany, France, and (of course) Belgium. Electronically speaking, her art is available any time, on any device, through Bedeur’s account is a family affair, primarily managed by her son in order to afford her more time to paint. Describing the benefits of showing her art online, the artist said that it allows the art to “enter at the heart of homes […] all around the world” and praised the fact that reproductions grant people from all social classes the opportunity to own art.

Head on over to her gallery to browse more images or pick up a professionally made canvas reproduction. You can stay up to date with her latest creations via her Facebook and Instagram.

The Artist Béatrice Bedeur

The Artist Béatrice Bedeur

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