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Dutch Multimedia Artist Geert Lemmers Selected as’s July Artist of the Month

Hailing from the Netherlands, talented contemporary artist Geert Lemmers combines traditional painting techniques with photo collage to create a range of diverse and interesting images. By balancing smooth expanses of color with finely detailed photos and textured paint, he achieves a harmonious and eye-catching aesthetic. His minimalist geometric compositions, abstract expressionist paintings, and photo-collage elements are sure to provide something for everyone.

Amsterdam View Opus 67 - Geert Lemmers

Amsterdam View Opus 67 – Geert Lemmers (2016)

Lemmers lives and works in his hometown of Druten – a small, historic, and idyllic town, sandwiched between two rivers. Of course, he regularly visits urban hubs such as Amsterdam and Brussels to visit fellow creators and see or participate in art shows.

Amsterdam View Opus 1701 - Geert Lemmers

Amsterdam View Opus 1701 – Geert Lemmers (2015)

The photographic influence in his art is easily explained when one learns that Lemmers studied photography and design at a local college. He worked as a photographer for numerous magazines prior to beginning his 20+ year career as a fine artist, largely being inspired to change over after seeing the work of Frenchman Yves Klein.

Gathering inspiration from personal philosophical research, Lemmers seeks to integrate the absurdity of the irrational world with a synthesis of different cultures. Creating artwork is, for him, a process of constructing imagery that metaphorically represents his thoughts and ideas in a strong and arresting manner.

Sensitive Liniar Construction XII - Geert Lemmers

Sensitive Liniar Construction XII – Geert Lemmers (2015)

Fantasy, drama, psychology, and mysticism are central to his imagery. Describing that which he shows us, the artist writes that, “his works show us more often this unknown, weird world in theatrical situations we never see in our ‘real’ life. [They] are sort of a visual analysis of his thoughts about another and (maybe) better world.”

If you’re a native, neighbor, or visitor to Holland, keep an eye out for some of his local exhibitions. He does say that he chooses his shows carefully, usually only about three per year. For those of us in the rest of the world, be sure to check out his artist gallery at! Not only can you browse his work from any device, but you can also order affordable and high-quality reproductions to spruce up your home or office. Congratulations to Mr. Lemmers and we look forward to following his continuing creative process!

Legacy of a Past Culture Opus 30 - Geert Lemmers

Legacy of a Past Culture Opus 30 – Geert Lemmers (2016)

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Joe Strouth is a photographer and art lover with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. He enjoys reading, minimalist sculpture and music, and documentary photography from the second half of the 20th century. Having lived all over the world, he tries to visit museums any time he travels.