Gustav Klimt’s the Kiss Popularity

Gustav Klimt's the Kiss Oil PaintingThe Kiss has become one of the most popular paintings in the world and is Austrian artist Gustav Klimt’s most famous painting. The Kiss Painting shows off Klimt’s best known style of gold shades and symbolic additions, and it is this that has made his work so popular with modern art lovers who prefer something uplifting to add to their homes.

The glowing themes of The Kiss painting by Klimt showed lovers intertwined into one being, symbolizing the strength of this bond. Some art traditionalists rejected this for its use of eroticism, but others found it refreshing.
Gustav Klimt’s popularity and appeal across Europe with more modern-thinking art lovers helped him to sway the seas of discontent that erupted from the erotic nature of many of his paintings. His prominent role in the Viennese Society and links to several galleries and museums across Austria helped him to continue his style. Klimt fans loved his use of golden backgrounds, intensive colors & ornamental layouts.



Gustav Klimt’s works are now displayed all over the world and many have been restored to their rightful place in his beloved Austria and Vienna, where he applied his trade so brilliantly a century ago.

The Kiss boldly shows two lovers merged into a frenzy of colored shapes and jewelry, in a spell-binding contemporary style that catapulted Klimt to stardom. Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze and Stoclet Frieze continued this winning formula.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt remains an extraordinary painting that lives on as strong as ever, attracting many to Austria to discover more of this amazing artist.

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