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Find the Perfect Art Piece for Everyone on Your Holiday List Infograph

Find the Art They Love this Holiday SeasonNo matter who is on your gift list this holiday season, hand painted paintings and contemporary canvas art prints can make great presents that are a bit more thoughtful than most. From sprawling landscapes to classic reproductions to abstract shapes, these unique and collectible pieces make beautiful additions to any collection or room.

If you want to give a work of art as a gift this holiday season but don’t know which to choose, these general questions will help steer you in the right direction

Who are you shopping for?

An older adult will have much different art preferences than a teenager, just like a male may have different tastes than a female. Younger men and women often like brightly colored paintings with animals or abstract shapes, while older people may prefer something a bit more subdued, like a nature scene.

What are his or her interests?

Consider your loved one’s interests, existing home decor, hobbies and even clothing style for some insight into the type of art he or she might like. Those who love sports, hunting or other outdoor activities would probably enjoy a rustic forest scene or a classic Edward Hopper lighthouse painting. If you’re shopping for a woman with a flair for fashion, bold floral designs or recognizable reproductions of classic paintings are often good choices.

Which art style best suits his or her taste?

There are a few main art styles that are helpful to know when shopping for holiday gifts. Surrealism includes paintings with unusual representations of reality, and often uses oil paints on canvas. Impressionist paintings are emotionally driven paintings like the works of Van Gogh or Renoir. Modernism includes works with abstract shapes and bright, bold colors. Classicism or traditional paintings feature rich textures, timeless subjects and realistic depictions that span generations.

How much are you willing to spend?

Once you’ve decided on the perfect painting to give as a holiday gift, you should then decide on a budget that you’re comfortable with spending. There are many ways to make your purchase more affordable, such as purchasing a smaller size oil painting or choosing a simple frame. For a more luxurious look, you can upgrade the frame to something more decorative or purchase a larger painting size to create an eye-catching statement piece.

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