Infograph: What Art would Strike Their Fancy?

Much can be gathered from the color of an artwork. The color tones can tell a story that’s not visible within the art itself. An artist’s reliance on bright hues may indicate that the composition is intended to be positive and lively, whereas darker tones typically signify a morose undertone. A person’s preference in art colors says a lot about their personality. Picking the perfect art gift, then, is a matter of matching people to colors.

To help you achieve the perfect pairing, we’ve created an infographic that will guide you through the process. Start with a basic truth about the recipient of your art gift and, following a series of additional questions, you’ll arrive at the perfect color. We’ll even provide you with suggestions to help find the ideal room for the artwork to be hung in. As you travel through the infographic, you may see a number of gift ideas take shape in your mind. Once you finish this colorful journey, having amassed enough knowledge to pick the perfect gift, you can simply wait for the gratitude from your friends, family and coworkers – who will all undoubtedly love their gifts – to roll in.

Infograph: What Art would Strike Their Fancy?

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