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Five Home Decor & Design Predictions to Shape 2024

Step into the future as we unveil our intriguing design predictions set to shape interiors in 2024. The coming year promises a canvas of innovation, where each element is a brushstroke painting a unique narrative. Join us as we explore five captivating design forecasts, painting a vivid picture of the trends that will redefine your living spaces.

1. Saturated colors

This year we predict that the color choices will lean more towards the deep, saturated colors. This is the time to make a statement and add a touch of drama to your space. Think deep jewel tones and rich warm tones.

2. Mixed Metals

This year is all about taking risks, the prediction for 2024 is a departure from the singular metal accent. Anticipate a daring combination of brass and chrome, silver and gold, or even more audacious pairings. The sheen of mixed metals will be the hallmark of spaces unafraid to push boundaries and redefine the traditional rules of interior design.

Gustav Klimt - Pallas Athene (Luxury Line)

3. Wallpaper Accents

Wallpaper is making a strong comeback this year, but not in the same tired old style as before. No longer is it meant to cover all the walls in the room. Now it is going to be used to highlight something unexpected, such as a pantry, a hallway or small breakfast nook. Imagine a canvas that tells a story, creating personalized accents that add character and style to your home.

4. Warm Tones

The color that will be in high demand this year are going to be the warm rich tones, such as peach, orange and apricot. This is due in part to Pantone picking its color from the peach family. Look for warm red and rich oranges that will complement the peach color family. You can add it as a small accent or paint an entire wall, these warm tones will create a sense of coziness and vibrancy.

pantone color of the year fuzzy pink 2024

5. Natural Wood

This year there is a growing preference toward natural woods in accent pieces. It makes a room feel more cozy and inviting. You can use it for things like decorative bowls, or picture frames. Finding pieces that match furniture in the room that already has a natural wood finish only adds to the elegant feeling.

Decorative bowls
We hope that these ideas have inspired you to revive your living area with a new piece of décor or two. There are so many innovative ways that home décor can help brighten your day. Feel free to browse our Designer Picks Collection to see what some of our favorite art pieces. A wonderful painting can also be a great new addition to a room when a new year comes.

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