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Steps to Creating a Great Gallery Wall

A room can come to life with the right statement piece but often we have too much space to hang a single work. This is where a gallery wall would be perfect. Using different pieces, hung strategically, you can create the illusion of an art gallery in your own home. Such a task might seem daunting, but here at we have created a list of tips to help.

  1. Choose a Color Palette or Theme

To create a cohesive feeling in the room it is suggested that you choose a color palette for all the pieces to follow. You could also choose to tie them together with a shared theme instead. You could select cool tones for a serene ambiance, or warm tones to create an inviting living space. Landscapes might look lovely in a bedroom, while animals are delightful in a children’s room.

  1. Select placement by Size (Big to Small)

When choosing the placement of your art, it is best to begin with the biggest piece first. Make sure to leave plenty of space among the sizes and vary the placement. Work your way down to the smallest pieces and accents to finish the look. Don’t be afraid to leave some white space for a cleaner design.

  1. 3. Mix Layouts and Frames to Show Variety

Don’t be afraid to create a little beautiful chaos by displaying both vertical and horizontal layouts in the same gallery. It can give the room energy, because the eyes are trying to take it all in. The frames don’t all have to match either. Trying incorporating both ornate frame and clean, modern frames. Even including silver and gold, or black and white, could give it a unique feel.

  1. Maintain Balance

Do try to keep it balanced, even if not uniform. Be sure that the contrast of light and dark colors isn’t overpowering. Make sure that you don’t have too many larger piece to one side. Take a step as needed to assess your work while you are hanging them and adjust if you feel it is needed.

  1. Personalize It

Don’t forget to make the space your own. Choose art that speaks you and your own personality. Be sure that it matches with the feel of the other art in the house. You might even add a piece of your own work to the wall. Even a family photo could create something unique and special to make the gallery personalized.

We hope that this advice will help give you the confidence to create your own gallery wall. Let it help create a room you can host your family and friends in. It can be an expression of who you are, as well as your amazing good taste in art. Feel free to browse our Best Sellers Gallery for art pieces that might spark you inspiration.

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