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Summer is fading into the background as we are approaching the changing of the season. There will be a crisp chill to the air and the foliage will begin to change. What better way to get your home ready for this new season then with a new painting? With rich warm tones and deeper color palettes, these are some of our favorite art pieces to welcome in the fall season.

Chaim Soutine-The Red Staircase in Cagnes

The Red Staircase in Cagnes was painted by expressionist painter Chaim Soutine. This master was able to capture what was an everyday scene and create an artistic scene from a different perspective. The red through the middle of the canvas gracefully guides the eye up the staircase, creating movement on an otherwise still canvas. You can get the sensation of the buildings on the left passing by without taking a single step.

Edward Lamson Henry-Kept In

Kept In by Edward Lamson Henry depicts a young black girl sits in an empty schoolroom. We the viewer are able to gather from her frustrated facial expression that she would rather be outside enjoying the last of the warm weather. Henry was an American painter who captured the every day life with particular focus on the black members of the community as he was painting directly after the Civil War.

Briton Rivière-Lady Roundway of Devizes, Wiltshire

Lady Roundway of Devizes, Wiltshire by Briton Riviere was painted during the Academic Art period. Riviere prided himself on his detailed knowledge of the anatomical makeup of animals. He worked closely with the zoological department, participating in autopsies, as well as bringing home taxidermy subjects. In this painting, the muscular details of the noble horse are artistically balanced by the soft-skinned lady and her delicate dress.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo-Autumn

Autumn by Giuseppe Arcimboldo is one of a series of paintings representing the 4 seasons of the year. Autumn depicts the shift of the seasons and the warm air grows cold. The colors are dulled down to further represent the fading summer. The figure is composed of the fruits of fall. The age of the man portrays the cycle of life. Spring is youth, Summer is young adulthood, Autumn is middle age.

Boris Kustodiev-Fireplace (Night)

Fireplace (Night) was painted by Boris Kustodiev. This landscape features a woman and child sitting by a campfire with lush green grass as horses graze nearby. The signs of the impending fall as present in the changing colors of the trees. This Russian artist captures the Art Nouveau style with the bright but subtle pops of color.

Frank Bramley-Girl Arranging Flowers

Girl Arranging Flowers was painted by Frank Bramley. This Victorian painting features a woman with her head tilted down, taking in the sights and smells of the soft flowers in her hands. The color palate is soft and warm, giving this painting a relaxing sensation. Reminding us all to take time and stop to smell the roses.

We hope that this short list has given you the inspiration to find the perfect autumn piece for your home. You can browse our autumn art gallery for even more ideas. We know you will find the perfect painting for any style in our collections.

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