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Art with Autumn Colors

As the season begins to change, you might feel like giving your home a new appearance with a fresh piece of art. Many times the addition of something with more autumn colors can take a room in a new direction. Warm tones, like red, yellow, and orange can often add energy to a space. Here are some of our favorite pieces featuring vibrant colors that enhance the seasonal theme. Take one of these pieces and get inspired to transition your home into the fall.

  Autumn in Argenteuil- Claude Monet

In this piece Monet shows how the sunlight plays off the autumn colored leaves. Rich reds and oranges contrast boldly with the blue of both the sky and water. The ripples in the river are inviting and beckon to the audience. It will add the depth and serene feeling of fall to any room of your house.

River- Justyna Kopiana

River is a beautiful image of trees and landscape during fall when nature changes its colors from green to red, yellow and brown. The shadows that play off the foliage and the water add depth and allow the eye to be drawn to the light.  The bold use of the colors creates an energy that is hard to look away from. This painting will bring colors and beauty to every room.

Clearing at the Edge of the Woods- Paul-Elie Ranson

This landscape is a beautiful example of the progressive artist’s work and showcases the rich tones that go so well with the changing seasons. He uses creative lines to create layers of color and shapes. This bold and energetic painting features vivid tones of red, yellow, and orange with notable contrasts between light and dark. This would be a lovely conversation piece in any room of your home.

Cape Cod in October- Edward Hopper

Many of Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod paintings, like his other scenic works, focus on the objects and landscapes that inspired him. This work is no exception, as the innocent white house stands true against the vegetation that is already preparing for the coming winter. The soft shades of yellow in the grass and the shadowy hillside in the background are both stark and inviting. You can watch the tranquil scene from the comfort of your own home.

Sechery in Autumn- Pol Ledent

This painting depicts a quiet autumn afternoon in a village called Sechery. The way that the grass in the field at the foreground is changing colors, turning into deep red and oranges, contrasts with the stark white of the country house. It is the kind of setting one would expect while going on a long drive through New England. Bring that same sense of calm into your own home by purchasing this timeless piece.

Autumn Landscape- Vincent van Gogh

In Autumn Landscape, Vincent van Gogh diverts drastically from his signature swirling colors and imaginative abstractions, instead delivering a piece that shows the artist’s ability to paint with a realist’s touch, as it depicts a realistic looking row of trees in the fall before a cloudy blue sky. For Van Gogh, autumn was a prime-time for painting. Many of his most famous works portray the same scene throughout the year, and autumn provided the perfect avenue for his in-depth light studies. The use of red and orange to capture the changing trees, against a sky with a violet hue to it is mesmerizing. Captivate the imagination of your guests by placing this piece inside your home.


These are just some of the many beautiful pieces we feature in our Autumn art gallery. Please fell free to browse our wide selection to find just the right piece for your home. We can also help with a custom piece if we don’t carry the size you are looking for. Here at overstockArt, we want to help you warm your home with the perfect seasonal piece.



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