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Fall for a New Art Piece in Autumn

As the season begins to change, it might be delightful to bring a new art piece in to welcome the fall. It’s not just the weather that changes, but the environment we are in. Welcome the warm colors that remind you of the fall foliage.

Bouquet of Flowers in Front of a Window in Saint-Bernard

Suzanne Valadon-Bouquet of Flowers in Front of a Window in Saint-Bernard

Bouquet of Flowers in Front of a Window in Saint-Bernard by Suzanne Valadon is a calm, soothing piece art. Painted by a model turned artist who is best known for her female nudes, this is a nice alternative piece of her work. It depicts a beautiful bouquet in the foreground with the lovely window view in the background. It is almost like getting two paintings in one!

Briton Riviere A Saint - from the Jackdaw of Rheims

Briton Rivière-A Saint, from the ‘Jackdaw of Rheims’

Briton Riviere was a British Impressionist painter in the late 1800’s. A Saint, from the ‘Jackdaw of Reihms’ was inspired by a poem by Thomas Ingoldsby. Both the painting and the poem depict a Jackdaw bird steals a cardinal’s ring and is proclaimed a saint. The darkness of the bird contrasts with the pale marble backdrop and the bold red of the window glass. Enjoy the enchanting feeling of this piece when you hand it in your own home.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Autumn

Giuseppe Arcimboldo-Autumn

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian court painter during the Mannerism transition period and traditionally painted portraits. Autumn is one of a four part series the artist created, where he attempted to capture each of the seasons as a portrait. The figure is composed of the fruits of fall and use warm toned, dull colors. The figure is also meant to represent adulthood, in the lifespan of a year. Give your guests something interesting to talk about with this unique interpretation of the season.

Frank Bramley - Girl Arranging Flowers

Frank Bramley-Girl Arranging Flowers

Girl Arranging Flowers by Post-Impressionist Frank Bramley, is a lovely portrait of a Victorian woman at work. The collection of fall flowers strewn across the table bring in the warm colors of the season. You can see that they are vastly different than what a spring bouquet might be. The soft expression on the woman’s face is gives this painting a relaxing sensation. Help transition your home form one season into the next with this serene piece.

Pierre Bonnard Vase of Flowers (Poppies)

Pierre Bonnard-Vase of Flowers (Poppies)

Vase of Flowers by Pierre Bonnard, a notable Impressionist painter. The bright orange colored background brings energy to this lovely still life. It is warm and inviting, without being too overpowering. The soft brushstrokes balance out the bold color and the delicate flowers are an interesting touch. This would be a great addition to a formal dining room, where your friends and family gather.

Vincent Van Gogh - Landscape with the Chateau of Auvers at Sunset

Vincent Van Gogh-Landscape with the Chateau of Auvers at Sunset

Vincent van Gogh is one of the greatest painters and Landscape with the Chateau of Auvers at Sunset is a remarkable piece by him. Painted at the end of his life, this is one of many pieces he painted depicting the wheatfields near Auvers in France. Capturing the scene t sunset, provides the viewers with all the warm orange and yellow tones that bring the feeling of autumn into a room. You will be proud to display this stunning piece in any room of your home.

This is only a taste of all the beautiful autumn inspired works of art we have available on overstockArt. Browse our great Autumn Seasonal gallery for more ideas. We are certain you will find the perfect piece to help move your décor into the new season.

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