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Colors of Fall

One of the best parts about the fall season is getting to watch the colors of nature change. The bright reds, yellows and oranges that seem to come alive during those months are beautiful. They have an energy that makes people feel warm, even as the temperatures drop. Bring some of that natural splendor into your home by selecting a wonderful painting that reflects the colors of fall. Here are some of our favorites to get you started.


La Pastiche Originals-Sunflowers, Red

The dynamic color palette of Sunflowers, Red by Vincent van Gogh is truly something special to behold. It is clearly a work of Van Gogh’s thanks to the quick, sharp brushstrokes and bold shapes. However, the still life subject makes it unique among many of his other works, which depicted night scenes or portraits of individuals. Striking contrasts in Sunflowers, Red make the painting truly come alive, and the matte colors are layered in a way to create just a hint of dimension.

Claude Monet-Red Boats at Argenteuil

A fine example of Claude Monet’s unique perception, the geometrical shapes add a touch of definition in his 1887 creation, Red Boats at Argenteuil. As an avid practitioner of Impressionistic painting, Monet typically deferred from bold lines in favor of softer blurred strokes. The intensity of this painting comes to life on canvas through the movement of the glass-like water. The bold red used for the boats adds a pop of color and attracts the eye.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Roses in a Vase

During the later years of his life, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a renowned leader of the Impressionist movement, began to shift away from his traditional subjects of lively social gatherings and sweeping landscapes. He began to paint simple still life scenes such as Roses in a Vase, a gorgeous work that brings the Impressionist style to a fresh subject. The beautiful color palette and daring brushwork create the sense of a moment captured in time.



Max Kurzweil-Lady in Yellow Dress

Austrian printmaker and painter Max Kurzweil’s 1887 Lady in Yellow Dress is a prime example of The Vienna Secession movement, founded by Kurzweil himself along with Gustav Klimt and other artists. Lady in Yellow Dress depicts the artist’s wife lounging on a couch wearing a bright yellow dress. Kurzweil wanted this to be a bold statement piece, from the resigned expression on the subject’s face to the contrasting tones between the couch and the dress.

Franz Marc-Yellow Cow

This bold piece features Marc’s distinctive bold colors and abstract styling that made him one of the most renowned artists of his time. At this time in his career, Marc was devoted to portraying animals in nature. His striking take on these rustic scenes make them utterly captivating even today. His use of color is especially notable since he developed his own theory of color symbolism, with yellow being a feminine color symbolizing gentleness, cheer and sensuality.

Vincent van Gogh-Olive Trees with Yellow Sun and Sky

Olive Trees with Yellow Sun and Sky is one of the artist’s most recognizable works. It was completed while Van Gogh was a patient at an asylum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, which was surrounded by many olive trees, cypresses and wheat fields. It was the artist’s intent to pay tribute to the cycle of life through studies on light and the changing of the seasons. The work is particularly significant because it captures the series during the fall, when vibrant oranges and yellows are prominent.




Pierre Bonnard-Vase of Flowers

Vase with Flowers is one of the post-impressionist artworks by Pierre Bonnard. Bright orange color plays a notable role with this still life. The orange selected is calming and cheerful without being over powering, creating a warm and inviting feeling. Today the original is housed in a private collection but you can have this wonderful reproduction to hang in your own home.

Justyna Kopania-Rain II

Justyna Kopania’s depictions of urban life are consistently popular. This one showcases the blending of surreal hues to create a rainy mirror effect. The deep blues and violets complement the orange-yellows to great effect here. The warm autumn tones will bring the fall season into any room of the house all year long.

Piet Mondrian-White Rose in a Glass

White Rose in a Glass was painted in 1921 by Piet Mondrian. With the use of bright orange paired with the softer purple, this painting is a great example of Fauvism. Today this painting hangs in The Hague, but we have recreated the same soft colors and the delicate shapes with oils. This will be the perfect centerpiece for any collection.

Let these suggestions be a starting point for you to explore the amazing options we have for your fall décor. Browse our Fall Art gallery for even more ideas. We know you will find the perfect piece with the ideal colors for your home.

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