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Changing of the Seasons: Fall Art

The seasons are beginning to change, meaning that the colors outside are shifting from the bright tones of summer, to those warm fall shades. This would be the perfect time to change the interior of your home or office to reflect that same warmth. One of the best ways to do that is with a new and beautiful piece of art. Here are some pieces that we feel use those fall tones to bring a new mood to the room.

Chaim Soutine-The Red Staircase in Cagnes

The Red Staircase in Cagnes by the Expressionist master Chaim Soutine captures what was an everyday scene and creates an artistic scene from a different perspective. In this piece, the red through the middle of the canvas gracefully guides the eye up the staircase, creating movement on an otherwise still canvas. You can get the sensation of the buildings on the left passing by without taking a single step. Bring that vibrant red into your home to match the outside foliage.

on the way to the market

Edward Lamson Henry-On the Way to the Market

On the Way to the Market was painted by American genre painter, Edward Lamson Henry. After serving in the American Civil War, Henry settled into Greenwich Village, the same area as Winslow Homer, and painted everyday life. Many of his pieces are heavily influenced by the time that he spent studying abroad in France. In this piece, he depicts a family traveling in the back of a cart to the local fall market. Capture that same feeling by finding a place for this painting in your home.

The Harvest Moon

Charles Rennie Mackintosh-The Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon by Charles Rennie Mackintosh is interesting because it is very symbolic unlike most of his other more art deco pieces. This particular piece depicts the harvest moon which is the first full moon that occurs around the autumn equinox, typically the time when crops are harvested. Share some of the symbolic meaning with your family and friends by showing them this wonderful artwork.

Suzanne Valadon-Bouquet of Flowers in Front of a Window in Saint-Bernard

Bouquet of Flowers in Front of a Window in Saint-Bernard by Suzanne Valadon recently sold at Christie’s for over twelve thousand dollars. This beautiful painting is interesting because it appears to be a painting within a painting. In the foreground, we are given a still life of delicate flowers in a crystal vase, but in the background we see a landscape through the window with a lush fall scene. This gives the painting an added depth that will surely impress anyone who admires it.

Briton Rivière-Lady Roundway of Devizes, Wiltshire

Lady Roundway of Devizes, Wiltshire by Briton Riviere was originally painted during the Academic Art period. Riviere prided himself on his detailed knowledge of the anatomical makeup of animals and he worked closely with the zoological department. In this painting, the muscular details of the noble horse are artistically balanced by the soft-skinned lady and her delicate dress. In a warm fall color. Bring some of nature into your life with this wonderful work of art.

Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary-The Lonely Cedar

The Lonely Cedar by Expressionist painter, Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary was created when the artist traveled to Lebanon and was inspired by the beautiful cedar trees. Cosontvary’s artistic period was rather brief, but in the short time period that he worked over 100 pieces were produced and The Lonely Cedar was towards the end of his artistic career. Capture the quiet solitude of the scene and proudly display it in the perfect room.

This is only a sample of the art possibilities that we offer in the fall theme. If you haven’t found what you are looking for her, feel free to browse our fall art gallery for more inspiration. We are confident that we have the right piece for every taste and style.


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