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Gustav Klimt brought to life

I ran across these recreations of Gustav Klimt‘s work on the Behance network and simply had to share them with you.

This collection of beautiful and artistic photos is called “La Esencia de Klimt” which translates to “Klimt’s Essence”.

As a long time admirer of the Austrian Art Nouveau painter, these fashionable, real-life recreations of his works captured my immediate attention. A group of talented folks have combined their photography, digital art, illustration, make-up, hair and styling (all found through Kattaca) to recreate some of Gustav’s most famous paintings.

I’ve added Klimt’s original paintings for contrast:
Adam and Eve - Gustav Klimt oil painting
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I - Gustav Klimt oil paintingDanae -  Gustav Klimt Oil PaintingThe Kiss (Fullview) -  Gusrav Klimt oil paintingThe Dancer - Gustav Klimt oil paintingThe Virgin - Gustav Klimt oil painting

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