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How to Choose Art – Does is have to be so Hard?

We are all unique. This is true on every level, including our sense of style and what we find to be beautiful. With this in mind, we’ve created a guide to try and help those that are looking to decorate their walls with a set of ideas to try and spark their imagination. this is not going to work for everyone, but I hope some of you will find this intriguing.

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A welcoming elegant home inspired by the past. You probably love antique furnishings, floral prints and rich wood tones balancing light neutral colors. To avoid the outdated feel the essentials are order, symmetry and freshness to coordinate a perfect Traditional look.

Selecting the Artwork: Choose fine art pieces in time-honored styles such as Traditional, Classical, Romanticism and Impressionism.
Some artists to choose from: Lord Frederic Leighton, Rembrandt, William-Adolphe Bouguereau or Arnold Bocklin.

Your home has an honest cozy feel to it. You probably love reusing wire baskets and wooden crates over rough textiles, patchwork and earth tones. The point of perfection lies between the loose and lush feel of nature and an ever so slight touch of industrial style rawness – balancing the organic forms with sleek surfaces.

Selecting the Artwork: Choose art pieces which feel less detailed or refined such as Rustic, Country, Post-impressionist
Some artists to choose from: Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Edvard Munch, Vincent Van Gogh, Alfred Henry Maurer

You love the midcentury looks balancing bold and elegant; retro and futuristic. Your house contrasts sleek forms, pop art and statement objects amidst simple surroundings. The perfect Modern pairs neutral and saturated tones; bold geometric patterns or sensuous curves with classic mid-century objects.

Selecting the Artwork: Besides Pop Art, you can explore other modern styles such as Abstract, Modern Art and Fauvism.

Some artists to choose from: Edward Hopper, Gustav Klimt, Georges Seurat and Egon Schiele

Hollywood Regency
You love glamour, glitz and sophistication. Your house has a theatrical feel to it, with plenty neoclassical and art deco. You love chaise longues and chandeliers; bold wallpapers and contrasting colors. To get the perfect dramatic feel, choose rich fabrics as velvet or suede, play with mirrors, add touches of exotic and avant-garde avoiding mass produced pieces.

Selecting the Artwork: Chose dramatic artwork, pieces that tell you a story and bring a lush touch to your house – Art Deco, Modern, Neoclassical.

Some artists to choose from: Amedeo Modigliani, Henri Rousseau, Rennie Mackintosh or Franz Marc

Whilst Modern style is related to the early 20th century design movement, Contemporary is about modern design. Simplicity, functional open spaces filled with sophisticated neutrals, high impact furniture and minimal accessories.

Selecting the Artwork: Chose bold statement pieces emphasizing contrast and form – Abstract, Contemporary, Surrealism
Some artists to choose from: Sergey Roy, Alex Bertaina, Adrian Borda and Jeffrey F. Pierson

Your home is relaxed, light and comfy. You prefer gentle and matte palettes over shiny surfaces; wildflowers to exquisite bouquets; flea markets over fancy boutiques. You look for floaty fabrics, vintage touches and a bit of the shabby chic feel. To get the perfect Cottage style, combine old style floors and doors with rustic materials, light colors and just enough of floral prints.

Selecting the Artwork: Look for art with a feel of romance to add a bit of love to your walls – Floral, Country, Romantic, Romanticism
Some artists to choose from: Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Martin Johnson Heade and Edgar Degas

Your house has something of the French Riviera. Fresh, white, boldly striped and with a touch of nautical feel and coastal art. You love traditional furniture, sisal rugs, wood panels and of course, a sea view. To make the most of it, use light neutrals and break them with deep blue, sea shells and bright coral pieces.

Selecting the Artwork: Anything that takes you to a coastal art feel such as – Tropical, Nautical, Seascapes .

Some artists to choose from: Justyna Kopania, William Bradford and Claude Monet

Functional, bold, seeking beauty from rawness. If you have an Industrial style you love utility, stripped-back Architecture and functional furniture that celebrates humble materials. A brilliant unpretentious style expressed by woods, stone and metals, a touch of salvaged objects and balanced with simple padded pieces to get some comfort into it.

Selecting the Artwork: Look for bold art pieces such as – Modern, Contemporary, Surrealist.
Some artists to choose from: Adrian Borda, Sergey Roy, and Edward Hopper

This decor is all about lifestyle and culture, the imaginary of Country Clubs and Social Graces even if only aspirational. A style that emerges from the classic American filled with details that give a soft romantic feel. You love strong classic colors, Chesterfield sofas and refreshed old-school furniture. To give it an edge, sprinkle your house with monograms, nautical details and vintage accessories.

Selecting the Artwork: Mix and match pieces that can bring you great deal of lifestyle, sweetness and detail – Nautical, Floral, Traditional, Impressionism.

Some artists to choose from: Claude Monet, John William Waterhouse, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Mary Cassatt and Alfred Sisley

The style that matches old and new, humble and luxurious, eccentric and low profile. It has as much of appealing as it has of tricky. To make it perfect, the mismatch has to be methodical, finding a common ground between objects – either in form, proportions or composition. To balance it, create some visual echoes through repetition to keep the contrast from chaos.

Selecting the Artwork: Look for a common ground in each room and look for art that can translate it either in color, form or concept – Art Deco, Classical, Modern, Expressionism, Post-Impressionism.

Some artists to choose from: As an Eclectic, you can chose from Da Vinci and Michelangelo to Modigliani and Matisse as your taste meets no boundaries. If you feel adventurous you can also Artists Be, with over 2500 contemporary artists – from Abstract to Conceptual Art.

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With our ‘How to Choose Art’ Guide your research for art will be a little easier. You can research by Artist, Subject, Style and even by Room. The beauty of it is in researching, discovering new artists and themes that can inspire you to the next level of your decoration. We hope it helps, and most of all, that you enjoy!

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